Onda Makes Battery Life Claim For V989

In a Weibo communique:




Google Translate:

# # Onda eight-core tablet [New] for eight-core # # Onda V989 life, presumably very concerned! Little of real data measured for reference: 3D big game “Need for Speed​​” up to 7 hours (the default mode, open Wifi, full sound, brightness 50%); 1080P local video “Transformers 3” up to 10 hours (loop, the default mode); course siege Lions are still working on optimizing battery life so shoes are satisfied?

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

If those claims are true, it beats the Rockchip 3288-based Pipo P1.

On the other hand … there’s no mention of how hot the tablet gets!

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6 responses to “Onda Makes Battery Life Claim For V989

  1. John T

    Thanks for sharing. I just ordered one of these things and I hope that these claims are true. With Android L adding attention to 64 bit cpus, I figured grabbing a 64 bit tablet was the best choice. Hopefully it does’t explode in my hands!

  2. jarryel

    lol, after the v975m , it will be my next tab

  3. Miguel

    This is true? Or could be a fake, like the 40000 antutu points of the cube tablrt


    • mikecane

      Onda has lied in the past, about the AnTuTu score for the A31s CPU they were using in the V819 mini. Within a week — when V989 is in the hands of buyers — we’ll know the truth.

  4. Sebastien

    wow aliexpress already has them for about 229 us dollars

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