Onda V975w Might Begin Sales This Week

In a Weibo communique replying to a question, Onda Service replied:



回复@Jacky济杰:现在的V975w货源提供给了换新活动[纠结],上架销售会迟一点点,但很可能是本周 //@Jacky济杰:975w何时有卖?

Google Translate:

Reply @ Jacky Ji Jie: The V975w sources now available to the renewal activity [tangled], the shelves will speak at a later point, but most likely this week / / @ Jacky Ji Jie: 975w when to sell?

Better format/translation:

Jacky: When will the V975w go on sale?

Onda Service: Current V975w stock is being used for the Windows upgrade swap, but most likely this week.

That’s what I expect.

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6 responses to “Onda V975w Might Begin Sales This Week

    • mikecane

      Trust me on this, sellers will say they have something in stock even when it’s weeks away. Don’t believe any of them until the company says the sales channel is being filled. Onda hasn’t announced.

  1. what is the battery life of this model? is the same (with the same problems) of the 975i model? thank you dear!

  2. a low battery life and bad optimization

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