Pipo P1: First AnTuTu Version 5 Score

The IMP3Net forum post about the Pipo P1 continues to be updated and today brought the first AnTuTu version 5 (Alpha) score for it [Google Translate]:



Unless something unexpected happens, this will be my final post about this tablet. I’ve lost interest in it and have struck it from my list of buying contenders.

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12 responses to “Pipo P1: First AnTuTu Version 5 Score

  1. Weltmeister

    Hey Mike, I remember you did an excellent overview of all the iPad Mini Clones last year, which was very helpful. Any plans on doing something like this again? Since I already have a small Tab (thanks for your help), I’m interested in an iPad Air Clone. Which one would you recommend? The P1 doesn’t look too bad…

    As far as I have read up:
    1. Intel based Tabs have nice perfomance and you might get Windows booting or buy the Windows Version in the beginning. But no root so far?
    2. From what we know now, RK3288 Tabs are just a little step further GPU-wise and get quite hot. But there might be root and streamlined custom ROMs in the near future. Any performance issues with the new Retina screens?
    3. A80 Tabs aren’t just out yet, but look very promising.
    You want to add anything? :)

    • mikecane

      That Guide was a one-time thing and never updated. 1, 2, 3: Correct. The P1 is not an Air clone.

      • Weltmeister

        Oh… Got i wrong. You once posted about a *possible* P1 based iPad Air Clone… There are so many different Tabs one get confused easily. So I’m waiting for the RK3288 iPad Air Clones to be released. Keep us updated on them :p

      • mikecane

        The P1 Air was a rumor. Still waiting to see if it becomes real.

    • Marcus

      1. There is root for intel tablets

      • mikecane

        There was one claimed earlier, but I haven’t seen anything recently. You can always check XDA.

  2. I received the Pipo P1 several days ago and have been testing this tablet and so far the performance and build quality is impressive and I can confirm benchmark scores are very good.

    The front speakers sound quality is good, despite other review mentioning it is not and the 2048×1536 screen display is sharp with excellent color contrast.

    One of the best measures to performance are graphics-intense 3D gaming and I’ve run several new 2014 Android Games with excellent results, including Deus Ex The Fall, Frontline Commando 2 and Ridge Racer Slipstream and the Pipo P1 handles all of them quite well with no lag or performance issues.

    For those in the USA, one source for Pipo tablets is iProTablet.com

    One reason I mention them is they seem to be the only reseller that offers a 14 day return policy with no extras charges if you want to return a product plus they include some quality bonus Apps.

  3. Suggest you go to cngadget.info and also watch this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w37YkemKNTM. It’s at least from a better source.

  4. No offence intended but just didn’t see you quote TomCn on the Pipo P1 benchmarks as it just came out. Most of the reports here quote chinese users and it is difficult for some us to judge the results.
    There seems to be problems the first batches of Pipo P1 out of China.

    • mikecane

      I’ve linked to cngadget several times, as you saw, so I figured people would go there on their own for more information — about everything.

  5. Anyway Mike, thanks for all the good work you are doing to keep abreast with the new tablet releases from China. Really good to see so much information in one site. Well done MIke!

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