The Mystery Of The Onda V975w microSD Card Slot

So which is it, Onda? Can it use a microSD card that tops out at just 32GBs or one as large as 128GBs?

Onda needs to get its shit together. At its Tmall listing for the V975w, they say just 32GBs:


While back their own page for the V975w, they not only say it can do 128GBs, but they’ve added additional disk formats since my prior post:


Given that Onda has modified its own page to add exFAT and NTFS, I now tend to believe that the support for cards as large as 128GBs is correct — and that it’s a hardware upgrade from the original V975i.

Onda needs to update that damn Tmall listing.

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7 responses to “The Mystery Of The Onda V975w microSD Card Slot

  1. Marcus

    V975w will naturally have exfat support because it runs windows. There is no hardware upgrade needed to support exfat. It’s a software licensing issue. In short, to get exfat support on non windows devices, the OEM have to pay for the license. That’s why most pure android devices do not have exfat support.

  2. highwind

    and who cares for 64/128GB SD cards on a non 3G/4G tablet anyway?
    even 2TB hard drives are cheaper than 128GB SD cards…

    • mikecane

      I care. I want massive storage for my Google Books PDFs. And Amazon does sales on such cards so they aren’t *that* expensive.

      • highwind

        So, as already said, store all that stuff on a harddrive and easily access it via NAS+WIFI

        And -atleast here in Germany- 32GB class10 are on sale for 10€ most of the time, while the cheapest 128GB class10 I have ever seen on sale was about 60€… that is 50% more per GB

      • mikecane

        >>>So, as already said, store all that stuff on a harddrive and easily access it via NAS+WIFI

        See, telling me how to do things gets you an automatic Fuck Off. How YOU do things doesn’t mean EVERYONE should do the same.

  3. richard vreede

    The information they give just sucks, and the ram….. How do they dare selling it,even wit abit browsing it’s full in no time and they ain’t cheap…looking at other brands,you don’t have to wait 4weeks and the unit gets veryyyyy hot, while playing youtube and charging him. The basic chargr i don’t even use, you can surf and mail with it….

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