The Never-Ever-Neverending Story Of The Damn Windows Upgrade For The Damn Onda V975i

Same-day update: Updated at end of post.

When the hell does this end?

In a Weibo communique issued last night — that I didn’t see until today because the proper Onda Weibo account I monitor “retweeted” it — brand-new instructions for the damn Windows upgrade to the damn V975i:



V975i升级Windows全教程 (出处: OndaOS) @昂达微博 @ONDA第X代軍团

Google Translate:

V975i upgrade Windows full tutorial (Source: OndaOS) @ @ ONDA Onda microblogging first Generation X Corps

That link goes to an OndaOS forum post [Google Translate] with a tutorial for flashing the V975i to Windows. But wait! There’s more. The damn post is locked towards the end and requires registration! (This is the cue for someone else to register and copy the damn stuff to pastebin…)

Does it end there?

Oh hell no!

Today Onda issued a new Weibo communique just to drive me mad:



#昂达升级Win8.1系统#【升级】昂达Win8.1平板最新BIOS发布,包括#昂达V819i四核#、#昂达V975i四核#(V1版需修改参数)、#昂达V975w四核#、#昂达V819w四核#均可升级,固件下载→ 刷新bios存在风险,建议有一定经验的人操作;下载的压缩包里有详细的安装说明,请根据说明操作!

Google Translate:

# # Onda upgrade Win8.1 system [upgrade] Onda Win8.1 latest BIOS release tablet, including Onda V819i quad-core # #, # Onda V975i quad-core # (V1 version of the need to modify the parameters), Onda V975w quad-core # #, # Onda V819w quad-core # can upgrade the firmware download → refresh bios risk, we recommend that people who have some experience in the operation; downloaded zip bag has detailed installation instructions, please follow the instructions!


And that link goes to this page


… and clicking on the filename goes to this page


… where scrolling down displays this …


… and clicking on the left green button leads to here …


… and pressing the damn download button leads to this …


… and if you don’t know what to do after that, why the hell did you ever buy a V975i to begin with if you can’t handle flashing the damn firmware? Whatever made you think any of this would be easy?

This had better be the end of it. This has all turned into a damn Monty Python skit — one that isn’t at all funny.


Oh shut up. That was funny.

Same-day update: Onda decided to be chatty on their Weibo today. So there was one more Weibo communique waiting to pounce at my face — which of course happened after I thought this post was finished:



#昂达升级Win8.1系统#【升级必看】近期,#昂达V819i四核#与#昂达V975i四核#均开始升级Win8.1系统,对于用户的反馈,小达整理了Win8.1平板的常见问题供大家参考→ @英特尔中国 @英特尔芯品汇 @微软Windows

Google Translate:

# # [Onda upgrade Win8.1 system upgrades must see] Recently, a quad-core # # Onda V819i V975i with quad-core # # Onda have begun to upgrade Win8.1 system for user feedback, a small plate of finishing Win8.1 Frequently Asked Questions for your reference → @ Intel Intel core Collection of Chinese @ @ Microsoft Windows


And that link leads to this page [Google Translate]:


Which in its non-Mini Me form is filled with shit that everyone who is going to be using an Onda Windows tablet needs to know — so bookmark that shit now.


Now shut up, Onda.

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9 responses to “The Never-Ever-Neverending Story Of The Damn Windows Upgrade For The Damn Onda V975i

  1. Marcus

    The first weibo by ondaos is not by onda.

    Ondaos is an unofficial Onda tablets forum.

    • mikecane

      Yes, I know that. But Onda *officially* “RTed” them, and that’s how I found out about the tutorial. So it counts as Onda.

  2. Edisson

    I have all the files and drivers, etc but still do not see a tutorial that it is clear to me, in a few pages is different

  3. highwind

    So what exactly is your problem here?
    They are providing information/downloads for an optional OS change for two of their tablets… thats much more than most other (chinese) tablet manufactors do

    • mikecane

      That they have to do it over and over and over and over again — and provide different links and different instructions every damn time. Never mind that they screwed up the first time in the hardware, announced a cancellation of the upgrade, then backtracked, then had to announce a delay for the V975w. Have you not been paying close enough attention?

      • highwind

        I actuall did: the problem is/was they wanted to give users a choice for windows but there was a problem with hardware on some versions which they try/tried to work around.
        I found all this information quite usefull… (on a side note: much more usefull than the usual Xiaomi-hype about selling out x tablet in y minutes)

  4. yeahman45

    so do you need to still do the hardware mod (solder) to install win 8.1? and is there still high risks of bricking?

    • mikecane

      It depends on your tablet’s serial number, which is in a list in the download. There’s always a risk of bricking any tablet.

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