First User Reports: Onda V989

The Onda V989 is the first tablet with the new octa-core Allwinner A80 CPU. It’s an iPad Air clone with 9.7-inch Retina-class screen, 2GBs of RAM, and 32GBs of internal storage.


Over at the IMP3Net forum in three threads [Google Translate and Google Translate and Google Translate].

Testing has begun; at post time not much there. I tend to think these are legitimate buyers and not Onda beards.

About screen:


AnTuTu 4.x (presumably; not specified):


Another user in the thread reveals there are already two iterations of the V989:



Someone further in the thread makes this claim:

Looks like V989 Tutu X version ran only 32922 points

The cheat-defeating AnTuTu X score was 32,922.


Another user summarizes:

1, the eight-core performance really strong, measured a bit 45000 multisection! Just play a few games, what torrent hurricane, wild racing, FIFA Soccer is very smooth, no Caton appeared, out.

2, touch screen good speed, fast sliding reaction. Screenshot is easy to talk about, which is set in the settings look, you can draw two fingers to click on the screenshot, very convenient.

3, good clarity of the retina display is very clear, very comfortable watching movies.

4, the original thought eight nuclear power and great heat, heat the facts is not great, no hot, does not affect use. Time of it, lunch at noon, when I play games online these estimates toss two hours or so, there are more than 60% battery, estimates should also continue to play a three, four hours of it, more than six hours to play the game These times quite good.

5, three-axis gyroscope is also the reason to buy this tablet, the operating sense of the game is good, but a bit too flexible.

6, there is a human face to set playback, the video will not play away, and come back to start automatically. There is a gesture wake function, very cool.

7, the machine is very thin, very light, very narrow border of good.

1, online video Sohu some video when some Caton, not smooth feeling

2, 8 million pixel capability did not work out, there are still some room for improvement, but according to the phase when finished editing the photo is reversed.

3, face recognition function switches the screen what is cattle, but some still want to optimize the sensitivity and recognition, and sometimes delayed reaction, however.

4, in the video, and web browsing when rotating the screen when still seems a little slow.

5, three-axis gyroscope too flexible, and play a similar game when micromanagement shootout little feeling of floating.

None of the shortcomings seem like dealbreakers. Sounds like some more firmware optimization is needed.

And that user’s AnTuTu 4.x score:


I don’t believe the AnTuTu 4.x scores. And if the claimed AnTuTu X score is true, this has a bit more strength than the Intel Z3735D CPU but not as much as the Rockchip 3288. Video playback issues could be a dealbreaker for some. Battery life is still unknown although one user extrapolates to ten hours of light use (that is, no big games).

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12 responses to “First User Reports: Onda V989

  1. Miguel

    Mike, do you think that buy an Onda v989 it´s a good option, there are other tablet in this price range that are better than v989

  2. From the early reports and history i would go for the Intel Z3735D. Its better optimized

  3. sanchit

    So what is the genuine antuntu X score on this table then, I am confused ?
    Hey mike, any idea when will onda v975i will get android 4.4 ?

  4. highwind

    While I dont think that those Antutu Scores are faked (because: 1. Cortex A17 seems to be some % better than Cortex A15 and 2. Mediatek MT6595 has 4xA17 + 4xA7 + PoverVR 6200 GPU aswell and scores similar) I currently would also go with the Intel BayTrail-T.

    Antutu Score is just as trivial and untelling as this “Windows Performance Score” for your computer… It doesnt say anything about a fluid system at all.
    Intel-based Android on the other hand has been very well optimized (I remember the Ramos i9, while having comparable low Antutu Score, was the first Android tablet which gave me an “iPad feeling” in terms of smoothness).
    The theoretically possible Windows is another plus for me.

    • mikecane

      I know there are people who disdain AnTuTu, but until everyone settles on something else, it’s all we have as a guide.

  5. hank

    Do you know if the case is the same as 975i? I mean, both are very similar but 975i cover would fit this tablet?

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