Onda Acknowledges Two Iterations Of V989

In a Weibo communique that confirms what a user at the IMP3Net forum pointed out:



#昂达八核平板电脑# 【公告】关于#昂达V989八核#网友内测过程中发现的一些问题的说明,如网友反映的V1与V2的区别;性能得分问题等,详情点击→http://t.cn/RPzbQZf @ONDA第X代軍团 @ONDABBS-昂达论坛

Google Translate:

# # Onda eight-core tablet [announcement] on # # Onda V989 eight nuclear beta users found during the description of some of the problems, such as the differences between users reflect the V1 and V2; performance score issues, details click → http://t.cn/RPzbQZf @ ONDA first Generation X Corps @ ONDABBS-Onda forum

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

So V1 and V2 score markedly differently with AnTuTu?

Good luck going to the Onda forum! It’s down 99.9% of the time I try to access it. That’s where the V989 beta testers are supposed to post their reports.

As for the score differences, well, this is beta test hardware, so I won’t hold it against Onda — unless one version doesn’t have a cheat cooked into it and provides the true score. (To remind everyone: Onda has lied in the past about AnTuTu scores, claiming its A31s scored in the 20,000-range when it was actually in the 12,000-range.)

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