Teclast X98 Air Coming


At IMP3Net [Google Translate].

There’s nothing at Teclast’s site, nor at their forum or their Tmall area.

IGZO screen and unknown Bay Trail-T CPU. No other specs yet. But IMP3Net (ominously) notes that it will “support Windows 8.1.” Another damn download?

This can be a direct competitor to the Onda V975w, even if Windows is a damn download instead of pre-installed.

The battery size and other specs (will it support a 128GB microSD card?) will matter.

Finally, let’s not forget that Teclast will be adding split-screen capability to their version of Android.

Final note: No Tyrant Gold back color!


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3 responses to “Teclast X98 Air Coming

  1. highwind

    This looks promising… If it looks like in the picture and has the same specs as the V975i/w this will probably my new tablet.

  2. MocciJ

    It’s now listed on Teclast.com!
    In comparison to the v975w it has a bigger battery (8500mah), gyroscope, an even prettier design (it’s presumably more compact at 7.4mm of width, and it has the metallic border that I really dig), AAC speakers, but lacks HDMI.
    I’ve already pre-ordered the v975w, I’ll miss the extra battery juice and the more refined design (= build quality?).

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