Xiaomi MiPad At A Non-Gouge Price

I’m passing this along only as information. If anyone is actually brave enough to try this, please report in Comments.

PC Pop mentioned an online store that’s selling the Xiaomi MiPad for a reasonable price: 1549 yuan [Google Translate]. That’s just 50 yuan (US$8) over its official 1499 yuan price.

The online site is called Gome.

This, via Google Translate, is the Xiaomi MiPad listing:


I have no idea what the shipping costs would be to Europe or the U.S..

There’s a second listing with a premium of 250 yuan (US$40) [Google Translate]:


That’s all I know.

Since open sales of the MiPad will begin soon, my advice is to wait. Middlemen will have to compete for sales and the price gouging should come to an end.

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2 responses to “Xiaomi MiPad At A Non-Gouge Price

  1. Marcus

    So, is this available for people residing outside of china? Doesn’t seem like it.

    • mikecane

      I said I didn’t know about shipping. When I looked at the shipping page, all the fees were for China delivery only. But some people know people in China, so that post is really for them.

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