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Blog Note: Check The Post Date

More than twice in the past week, I’ve gone past the first page of this blog.

This means if you’re popping in here and just scroll to the bottom, you might miss current-day posts that have been pushed to the second page.

Doing this isn’t my choice. I liked it when I was doing four posts a day, tops. How many posts appear depends on what’s popping in China.


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Demo Video Of Onda V989

Onda V989 and Teclast P98 Air

Once again, Charbax of Arm Devices.net gets it before everyone else!

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How To Get Fantastic Dual-Boot Windows/Android For Just Twenty-Five Freaking Bucks

So, all of you people who want want want dual-boot Android/Windows on your Chinese tablet.

Do you really want it?

How about something even better?

And what if you could instantly switch between Windows and Android?

Would that be worth a measly twenty-five bucks to you?

If you said Yes (and if you didn’t, go away!) …

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Idiot Reseller

Thanks to MHA in Comments for pointing me to this.

Reseller Onda-Tablet is staffed by morons.


Does this come with a valid Windows 8.1 license? Does it come with 32-bit or 64-bit Windows?


Onda V975w Tablet come with valid Windows 8.1 OS license and 64-bit.

Wrong! It’s 32-bit.

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China Tech News Items

None of this news warrants separate posts. So here’s a bunch of things in one post.

Interesting exchanges here: Open Thread: Which Chinese resellers do you recommend and which should be avoided?

I didn’t know this: Why is Xiaomi so bad at Android updates? What does that mean for the MiPad? Will people be creaking along with old Android beneath the MIUI? (The MiPad has Android 4.4.2 right now, so it’s modern.)

Tablet wonk iambillbil now has an Ainol Inovo8 [Google Translate]. Perhaps next week he’ll publish his report about the Teclast X89HD — let’s hope he doesn’t lock it!

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64GB Xiaomi MiPad On Sale July 22nd


Xiaomi’s main page where the above image is in the carousel.

I think the full range of colors will be available for the 64GB model. [Next-day update: Sites in China are saying it will be only white color.] And this will be part of their open sales, without requiring an appointment or any sort of VIP code.

Anyone outside of China thinking of trying to order directly from Xiaomi in China …

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Livefan Claims Sell-Out Of Eight-Inch Windows Tablet

Via a Weibo communique:


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Xiaomi Begins Open Sales: No Appointments

In a Weibo communique today:


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All Aboard The Graft Train! Part Two

Blurred lines: Are YouTubers breaking the law?
From unmarked advertorial to paid social network promotion, Simon Parkin investigates the ethics and legality of YouTube.

John Bain received his first offer to create advertorial for his YouTube channel in 2010. “A video game publisher asked me to create a video about one of its titles,” says Bain. “They agreed to pay for the coverage so long as I agreed to not say anything negative about the game.” It was the first of a slew of such deals that Bain — better known to his 1.7 million YouTube channel subscribers as TotalBiscuit — has been offered, from posting a product link in a video’s description through to elaborate ad campaigns. Bain was asked not to disclose the nature of the proposed sponsored content to his viewers. He refused the deal. “I don’t know how I’d live with myself,” he tells me. “It’s taking your passion and selling it out for a small pay-cheque. It morally bankrupts you.”

Good for him.

This is where I again tell everyone to go read: FTC Disclosure — which I’ve now updated to cover my YouTube videos. That’s something I never considered.

Previously here:

All Aboard The Graft Train!
Graft-Seeking NY Times Blogger

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Microsoft “Finnishes” Murdering Nokia

Ax Falls at Microsoft as Company Looks to Cut up to 18,000 Jobs

Some 12,500 of the cuts are coming from the Nokia Devices and Services unit–roughly half that unit’s workforce.

Ah, Nokia!

I warned you goddammed Finns (and Palm and Microsoft) when the iPhone came out. But you had to be so smug! Where is your smugness now?

Your corporate egos just led to your own unemployment, the unemployment of the people who counted on you, and a massive sinkhole in the GDP of Finland. At one time in Japan, such shame would be worthy of self-annihilation. I’d recommend it, but you’d only ignore that advice too!

Let Nokia (and Palm and the current state of Microsoft) be a lesson to every company — tech or otherwise.

And I’m telling all of you right now: Wake up or China is going to eat your lunch. And your dinner. And your next-day breakfast too.

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