Teclast Adds Windows-Only X89HD To Their Site

Updated same-day; see end of post.

Just about three weeks after we saw the Rosa iPad Mini clone with Windows 8.1 unveiled in Vietnam, Teclast reveals the one the rest of us can buy …


The listing. It’s not yet at their English-language site.

The swooping arrow in the above image leads to the Android-only model at their site. So, everyone who held out hopes for dual-boot Android/Windows — that’s not happening. At least not officially.

Funky image with Surface-like keyboard (which will probably never be a real accessory):


There’s no GPS in this. And no HDMI-out — that’s handled by Wireless Display (WiDi).

It’s not yet listed for sale at Teclast’s stores at Tmall, Taobao, or Jingdong.

Same-day update: Teclast sent out a Weibo communique announcing its availability at Jingdong. Here’s the listing:


Note that Jingdong says it has GPS. It does not have GPS. That’s an error.

Second same-day update: Also, 1,199 yuan is about US$193.00. Neither Google nor Bing Translate can make sense of the Weibo, so here’s the accompanying graphic:


July 23rd through August 15th is mentioned, but neither machine can make sense of either those dates or what they mean.

Previously here:

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One response to “Teclast Adds Windows-Only X89HD To Their Site

  1. alivethroudeath

    FYI, Teclast just put up the English version of the X89HD page. Or at least I just found it.


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