Teclast Adds X98 Air To Their Site

Thanks to MocciJ in Comments for the tip.


The listing. It’s not yet at their English-language site.

And here we go again …

Claiming Windows 8.1:


But now we know that there will be a separate model with Windows pre-installed. Because Teclast just listed a Windows-only X89HD.

Although this could be a competitor to the Onda V975w, we don’t yet have reviews or user reports of either.

It’s not yet listed for sale at Teclast’s stores at Tmall, Taobao, or Jingdong.

Note that the X98 Air lacks GPS.

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14 responses to “Teclast Adds X98 Air To Their Site

  1. Znawca

    Does it have GPS or aGPS only? It’s 9,7″ or 8″?

  2. Chris

    Do you know of a 9.7 Windows tablet with GPS?

  3. jarryel

    teclast / onda the choice will be hard for noobs….

  4. Shadowcek

    Is there some decent 10.1 in the works with RK3288/A80/Bay Trail? I know Pipo P5 should be comming but from what I have read, Pipo does have quite bad reputation in terms of software and build quality.

  5. highwind

    http://tablet-news.com/ is worth a read aswell :)

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