Onda V989 Updated User Report, Benchmarks And Videos

The Onda V989 user report at this IMP3Net forum thread continues to be updated [Google Translate].

We now have an AnTuTu X score.

This was done earlier using AnTuTu 4.4:


This was done using AnTuTu X:


And the low score is as I thought:

Two versions of the scores so low must have their reasons. Landlord on the official forum Onda looked under official explained that Tutu X version is older 2013 version, of course, has not yet appeared eight-core processor, so the highest run points to quad-core processor support only.

We have to wait to see what AnTuTu v5 Alpha (or final) brings.

Master Lu:


Which also might not take into account the new generation of CPUs. But I really don’t know this benchmark. It’s here because I’ve posted scores previously from other tablets.



Just five-point multitouch:


Just 1.2GHz:


So the A80 has been throttled back from its 2GHz full potential!


“Screen resolution in dp: 768 x 976” — is that normal?

Basemark OS II:


There are other benchmarks there, such a read/write, that I’m not including in this post. Go to the forum to see.

The Onda V989 has a screen recording feature. The owner made three of these to demonstrate the machine. I’ve ripped these from QQ and cross-posted them to YouTube to embed here:

I think what we’ve really learned here is that some of the current tools for comparing one tablet to another aren’t yet up to the task and need updating.

Choosing a tablet to buy is going to depend on what a person will specifically and primarily use it for. Some people might want the Multiwindow Android capability of the Pipo P1, others might want the 3G of the Teclast X98, and some might want the Onda V989. Some people need HDMI-out, some need GPS, some 3G.

Personally, the only video that matters to me is the one showing the Onda V989 PDF reading performance, which is sub-optimal for my needs. Reading Google Books PDFs is my primary use. Any tablet that can handle those without friction will do everything well too.

Generally, all of these new tablets are very good — and choosing which one to buy will come done to very personal use.

Previously here:

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22 responses to “Onda V989 Updated User Report, Benchmarks And Videos

  1. znawca

    Please run on this allwiner octa Doom 3 gamę ( ported from pc) and we will see about power ;)

  2. Ben

    Thanks for the breakdown at the end there Mike, I’ve got some thinking to do…..

  3. Miguel

    Mike, do you think that this tablet could got 40000 real points un Antutu?

    • mikecane

      Maybe. But I’m not sure at 1.2GHz!

      • togorth

        You are focusing on the wrong number. The cpu-z program only shows that the cortex A7 core have been limited to 1,2ghz. The cpu load of 6% on the other hand is much more interesting. If i make the gross oversimplification that the increase of performance is linear. And that ARM states that a cortex a15 core is roughly 40% more powerful than a cortex a9 (a cortex a7 is sightly more powerful than a cortex a9).
        We see that the cpu load if the all the core were throttled to 1,2ghz should be superior to 8% (1ghz/(4*1,4*1,2ghz+4*1,2ghz)).
        For a cpu load of 6% ( 1ghz/(4*1,4*x+4*1,2ghz)=0,06 with solve x=2,12ghz) the cortex a15 should run in the 2 ghz range.

      • mikecane

        Should — unless it’s been throttled due to heat and battery life issues.

      • Enr1988

        Only cortexa7 clock it’s set at 1.2ghz
        The four a15 clock at 1.6ghz from what i can see in other screenshot. The Real Antutu score now is around 33k..with the New antutu v5 alpha onda’s tablet cheats antutu score..like on my old v975m , mostly on 3d benchmark where i can see a lot of “frameskip” for increase pti on 3d score.

        Sorry for my bad english. Only rk3288 seem to not alterate/cheat antutu score.

  4. Marcus

    Oh my gosh. This is seeming like the A31 fiasco all over again. A31 was shown off at 1.5ghz but release product was at 1ghz. A80 was demoed at 2ghz and now its 1.2ghz? At least their GPU is decent. Decent is all it is since its not spectacular.

  5. Miguel

    “Screen resolution in dp: 768 x 976″ — is that normal?

    Is not a retina display? Or could be a error.


  6. Marco

    Every day i’m more convinced that the only one standing after this tablet battle will be the Intel processor. If only they could be quicker with those updates…

  7. R1KS4

    Hi! I would appreciate very much if you answer. Tell me some main pros and cons between Pipo P1 and Onda V989. Or should I consider some other new 9.7 or 10.1 Android tablets with the newest and the most powerful technology? I just want use it smooth as long as possible.

    • mikecane

      All the information you want is in the posts.

      • R1KS4

        But I didn’t get that which is smoother and more powerful, Pipo P1 or Onda V989?

      • mikecane

        That’s not the only factor to consider. Does weight matter to you? The P1 is heavy and larger. And the V989 has just come out so it’s too early to compare anyway.

      • R1KS4

        Weight and other dimensions are important too. Like 75mm thick and smooth to use like brand-new tablets from Samsung. I am going to buy the tablet next month, but just can’t make the decision.. I even consider to buy iPad Air 16GB Wifi but the price is totally out of my comfort zone.. I will use the tablet to: surfing, watching videos (must have a good screen), maybe play the newest games without lag (power), making notes (~10″ screen). Long batterylife is important too.. Help!

      • mikecane

        I don’t recommend tablets, period. You must make your own decision.

      • R1KS4

        Okay… Maybe I keep watching reviews about Onda 989. I hope that you didn’t mean that every Chinese tablet sucks really bad and I should avoid them but it’s good to hear if you meant that.

      • mikecane

        If all Chinese tablets suck, why would I waste time writing about them?

      • R1KS4

        Yeah, I really don’t know.

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