Teclast X89HD With Windows: Sales Begin July 23rd


Thanks to IMP3Net, proper sense has been made of the Weibo communique Teclast issued yesterday [Google Translate].

Sales of the Teclast X89HD Windows 8.1 edition begin on July 23rd at Jingdong for 1,199 yuan (US$193).

Previously here:

Teclast Adds Windows-Only X89HD To Their Site



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16 responses to “Teclast X89HD With Windows: Sales Begin July 23rd

  1. hopefully not the 32rd ;-)
    but great news!

    • mikecane

      God! MOAR CAFFEINE! Thanks for pointing it out. People usually don’t point out my typos — and I wish they would. I find them months later and die of embarrassment.

      • I’ve to say your news are always incredibly fast and the last days I take a look here many times a day (because of whats going on regarding onda/teclast/windows). So the typos are really ok considering the speed!

      • mikecane

        More to come today. It takes bloody time to read and then extract what’s important.

  2. Znawca

    Nice, good looking tablet.
    Mike, will soon for sale good looking tablet like this but with 9,7″ , Retina, Windows 8.1 and GPS?

    • mikecane

      All there is with Retina 9.7 Windows 8.1 is Teclast and Onda. No one else has announced. Teclast and Onda might be the only two unless Chuwi does a Windows version of V99i.

  3. Znawca

    Yes, but Teclast x98 not announced yet wersion with Win 8.1

  4. yeahman45

    why would someone buy this tablet when it is in the same price range as the more trusted brands like dell, toshiba, lenovo?

    • mikecane

      Because it’s 4:3. No others with Windows are.

      • murdic

        Because of the resolution as well as the aspect ratio, although the price of Dell’s, Toshiba, Asus, Lenovo etc are only this low because of this sort of competition, not because they want to sell you a cheap PC.. None of the “more trusted” brands do high-res, except for HP and Lenovo offering 1920 x 1200 on 10″ tabs, I think. One thing that they do is 64-bit OS on 10″ tabs with 4Gb RAM, for business compatibilty, but Z3735/40 CPUs only do 2Gb RAM. Does this Teclast have HDMI, or Miracast/WiDi?

      • mikecane


      • yeahman45

        ah ok but support for these devices are very low compared to the “trusted” brand; e.g. toshiba has been releasing updates that address issues reported by the users…

      • mikecane

        Xiaomi MiPad is 4:3 and I bet Xiaomi beats everyone for OS support with MIUI. Updated monthly with weekly optional developer versions.

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