The US$96 Windows 8.1 Tablet

Both ZOL and PadNews are caught out laundering the same press material written as if it was by a user without bylining it as press material [Google Translate, Google Translate].


This a typical “1/16” (1GB RAM, 16GBs internal storage) Windows 8.1 tablet with an eight-inch 1280 x 800 IPS screen. Full specs are unavailable but it’s probably the same Intel reference design based on the 64-bit Z3735D CPU.

It’s unknown what corners — if any — were cut to drop the price from US$112 (the last low) to US$96 (599 yuan). It could be, given the number of eight-inch Chinese Windows 8.1 tablets now being made, component prices have plummeted faster than we’ve anticipated.


This tablet is by Hagile, a Shenzhen manufacturer whose products are sold under other brand names, ninety-percent of which are sold in the export market. They also sell their own products under the MoPA brand (as seen in the second photo), apparently out of Hong Kong. This specific tablet is not listed at their site yet. At post time there was a placeholder page for it.

If they can sell this for US$96 and make a profit, then so can others under different branding.

This means that HP’s planned seven-inch Windows 8.1 junk tablet planned for US$99 is already obsolete.

Intel said US$99 Windows tablets were coming. And Emdoor said they’d drop as low as US$60.

What seemed like unbelievable claims back in April are becoming reality.

By the year-end holiday shopping season, eight-inch Windows tablets will be inexpensive enough to be a stocking stuffer.

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One response to “The US$96 Windows 8.1 Tablet

  1. ruin1335

    Thank you for the latest information at all times.
    I found in tablet which is similar to this model in Aliexpress.
    Company name is Eearl Group Limited.
    SoC Z3735G
    RAM 1GB
    Storage16GB eMMC
    Display 8inch IPS screen
    Battery 4500mAh
    Camera Front 2MP/Rear 5MP
    Price 110US $
    I ordered, but the product can not ship still in the final adjustment.

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