First 100,000 64GB Xiaomi MiPad: Appointments Needed

Yesterday, Xiaomi issued a Weibo communique that seems to contradict all past “open sales” information:



【64G版#小米平板#首发 速速转发预约】7月22日中午12点,10万台小米平板倾情来袭[鼓掌],64G版首发仅售1699元,16G版1499元!全球首款Tegra K1处理器、全贴合7.9 吋视网膜屏、索尼800万像素背照式相机,完美适配的MIUI系统……最好用的安卓平板!想要请转发预约→

Google Translate:

[Millet tablet version 64G # # starting forwards haste appointment] at 12:00 on July 22, 100,000 units millet flat portrait struck [applause], first edition for only 1699 yuan 64G, 16G version 1499 yuan! The world’s first Tegra K1 processor, 7.9-inch full-fitting retina screen, Sony 8 million pixel back-illuminated camera, perfect adaptation MIUI system …… the best use of Android tablet! Please forward you want to make an appointment

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.


It could be that all this time the 64GB Xiaomi MiPad was an exception to open sales — but that wasn’t stated in Weibo. Perhaps it was at the website itself.

At any rate, one-hundred thousand of the 64GB model will be available. It sounds to me like Xiaomi is ramping up production. Perhaps there will open sales of this after the first batch.

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