Onda V819w And V975w Officially Go On Sale

Via a Weibo communique today, Onda Service — which processes inventory and shipment and service — announced the official availability of the Onda V819w and V975w tablets:




Google Translate:

# win8 struck # [hold live] windows8.1 system pre-installed genuine quad-core tablet V975w and V819w mall in micro-channel Onda officially on sale! Study, work correct, extreme performance, win8 bring you a new experience! Buy: micro-channel two-dimensional code scanning concern “Onda Tablet PC” -> Enter Product Center -> Tablet PC. win8 quad-core, do not miss it! [With the flu]



They didn’t provide an URL, instead they want people to scan a QR Code to find it:


Middlemen could have it in stock by later this week.

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8 responses to “Onda V819w And V975w Officially Go On Sale

  1. znawca

    Mike, v975w does have gps?

  2. Cody

    Mike does the V975w also have the IGZO display like the V95i? I havent read that in any of the specifications given.. but if it does have it, then that will be a significant advantage over the Teclast x98 air, since teclast opts for the IPS display but IGZO is more power efficient and should provide better battery backup

    • mikecane

      I have to think yes because it’s the same guts (despite 975w not doing GPS, which just might be a software issue) — but Onda doesn’t specify IGZO screen for either tablet at their own site. We might have to wait for reviews and user reports.

      • Marcus

        Yeah, it doesn’t exactly say IGZO. What it does say is “iPad Air retina display” which means it is IGZO. The model part of the lcd screen has been confirmed identical to ipad air hence IGZO

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