R.I.P. Actor James Garner


Everyone else will point out Maverick, The Rockford Files, and other programs and movies.

I want you to see him in something most people haven’t seen.




This was done in 1956. It was produced by Roy Huggins, who would also create and produce The Rockford Files — starring James Garner.


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3 responses to “R.I.P. Actor James Garner

  1. Keishon

    Did you know that we have to watch that on YouTube because and I quote: playback on other websites has been disabled by the video owner.” That just sucks out the convenience of it all.

    • mikecane

      Whoa. No, I didn’t. That’s a new one. Usually they disable even embedding to force people to YouTube. Embedding and forcing YouTube viewing is a new one on me.

  2. Ovens

    I will miss “Ole Jimmy” and Rockford files is one of my favorite old shows. He was one of the oldies but goodies. I’m sad to hear he died. Another ‘end-of-an-era’. Rest In Peace! James.

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