Teclast Adds “Buy” To English-Language Site

May 17th:




And that choice goes to this page.

Teclast becomes the first Chinese tablet maker to specifically market to English-language speakers and to ensure their tablets can be ordered with the least amount of friction from a non-sketchy source.

Now we wait for the Teclast X89HD and Teclast X98 Air to go on sale outside of China.


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2 responses to “Teclast Adds “Buy” To English-Language Site

  1. znawca

    Mike, You know differences beetwen Teclast X98 Air and X98 3G without no have 3G?? Air will lighter?

    • mikecane

      You can see the specs for yourself at Teclast’s site. And yes, the Air will be lighter — it’s like the iPad Air.

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