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The Lottery: 2025’s iPad Mini Glass

Some screensnaps from a new Lifetime Channel (shut up!) TV series called The Lottery:


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OndaBBS Now Works, V989 Beta User Posts


After going through an upgrade that seemed to keep it offline for a week, the OndaBBS — the official Onda forum — is now back online. All of the posts dealing with the new Onda V989 are here [Google Translate].

Note that I will not be reading these. Anyone interested in the tablet has to do that work for themselves.

Previously here:

Onda V989 Firmware 1.0.1 AnTuTu
Onda V989: Release Of Firmware 1.0.1
Onda V989 Updated User Report, Benchmarks And Videos
Video: Onda V989 Vs. Xiaomi MiPad With PDFs
Onda V989 Gets First Review
Demo Video Of Onda V989
Behind The Scenes Peek At Onda V989 Packing
Onda Acknowledges Two Iterations Of V989
First User Reports: Onda V989
Onda “Sells Out” Second Tiny V989 Beta Test Supply
Onda Makes Battery Life Claim For V989
Onda Ships Beta Test V989 Tablets
Onda “Sells Out” Tiny V989 Beta Test Supply
Onda Adds V989 To Their Site
Onda V989 Goes On Beta Test Sale July 14th
Onda’s Benchmark Claims For V989 A80-Based Tablet
Onda Leaks Allwinner A80-Based V989
Onda’s New A80, Windows, And 4G Tablets

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China Reports Mobile Net Users Outnumber Desktop

第34次中国互联网络发展状况统计报告 (Google Translate: Statistical Report on Internet Development 34th China Internet Network)


… as of June 2014, China’s netizens reached 632 million, of which, 527 million mobile phone users, Internet penetration rate reached 46.9%. Internet users device, mobile phone use rate of 83.4%, for the first time beyond the traditional PC usage rate of 80.9 percent overall, the status of the phone as the first major Internet terminal is more consolidated.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

Direct PDF link for the full Chinese-language report.

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Onda V975w: First Owner Images

A bit of tech pr0n, with images ripped from the Jingdong listing of the Onda V975w. These are all images uploaded from five different actual owners.


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Video: Xiaomi July 22, 2014 Conference Trailer


Xiaomi introduces new products at 2AM EDST (2PM local China time). The official Countdown Clock (which might also be a live video feed).

Same-day update: Or it could be 10PM EDST. Other reports in China said 14:00 hours (2PM locally), but the Xiaomi clock goes to zero hour at 10AM local China time.

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