Onda V975w: First Owner Images

A bit of tech pr0n, with images ripped from the Jingdong listing of the Onda V975w. These are all images uploaded from five different actual owners.












There’s an ambiguous report from one owner about the sold state storage being from Hynix or Samsung and maybe a difference between the two [Google Translate]:

eMMC does not V975 V1 version of the original Samsung, Hynix but replaced, available hard about 24G. Testing for me because there is no comparison, Hynix and Samsung can not know the difference, but I think the smooth brush web, watching videos is also good, the key is to compare the performance of stunning screen, so I feel satisfied.

We’ll have to wait for reviews and disassembly photos to parse that.

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8 responses to “Onda V975w: First Owner Images

  1. james

    Looks great but is a 10.1″ form factor better for a windows tablet?

  2. Ypatios

    Mike very nice site thank you for the latest informations ! i want to ask whether is true what onda-tablets responds about exe files , they say this tablet dont support it oO !

  3. siavash

    does onda v975w support every exe files as i could install on window7 on it?

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