Teclast X98 Air On Pre-Sale Tomorrow

Announced via a Weibo communique that reiterates the hardware can do Windows (so, like the X89HD, there will be a Windows 8.1 version announced in a week or so):


The Tmall listing [Google Translate]. The price, at post time here, is 1,299 yuan — but scrolling down shows Teclast says it should be 1,099 (as does today’s Weibo). A 99 yuan deposit will be taken, with the payment balance due on July 31st (that’s likely the shipping date).

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15 responses to “Teclast X98 Air On Pre-Sale Tomorrow

  1. Miguel

    It will have windows 8.1 preinstaled or Android?
    It´s presale now, but when it will be avalible in stores like Banggood, Pandawill etc…


    • mikecane

      Android. Resellers probably won’t have stocks until early August if the ship date is 7/31 to direct buyers.

  2. John

    Dear Mike,
    What is the best Retina Chinese tablet with GPS, BT, Miracast (or HDMI), TF Card Slot, OTG? Is it the Teclast P90HD (http://www.teclast.com/en/zt/P90HD/) It has Ultra Retina Resolution (2560×1600), please help me, Thanks :)


  3. mathbou73


    does the teclast x89 HD is possible to buy ??

    thanks for your response

  4. Znawca

    Teclast X98 Air = Teclast X89HD with Windows 8.1?

  5. John T

    One online store is selling the X98 without Google Play Store and wants $2.99 to install it. Is X98 (w/ Android) a tablet that ships without the Store pre-installed, or is this store trying to pull a fast one?

  6. MocciJ

    Some photos of an unboxed X98 Air [link]

  7. Jeff

    Is there a way to QI charge the X89HD?

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