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Foxit Version Resolution Discrepancy

I’ve had the use of a Windows 8.1 notebook this week and I’ve been running some tests to see if a Windows 8.1 tablet would be something I could productively use.

I ran across a very odd discrepancy between the Windows 8.1 Desktop version of Foxit PDF Reader and the Metro UI Foxit Mobile PDF.

The Desktop version is slower at paging but the resolution of the Google Books PDF is superior.

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The Apple Rat In Your Pocket, Part Two

Apple Confirms “Back Doors”; Downplays Their Severity

Now lets talk about file relay. Apple is being completely misleading by claiming that file relay is only for copying diagnostic data. If, by diagnostic data, you mean the user’s complete photo album, their SMS, Notes, Address Book, GeoLocation data, screenshots of the last thing they were looking at, and a ton of other personal data – then sure… but this data is far too personal in nature to ever be needed for diagnostics. In fact, diagnostics is almost the complete opposite of this kind of data. And once again, the user is never prompted to give their permission to dump all of this data, or notified in any way on-screen. Apple insists AppleCare gets your consent, but this must be a verbal consent, as it is certainly not a technological consent. What’s more, if this service really were just for diagnostic use, you’d think that it would respect backup encryption, so that everything coming off the phone is encrypted with the user’s backup password. When I take my laptop to Apple for repairs, I have to provide the password. But Apple apparently has admitted to the mechanics behind file relay, which skip around backup encryption, to get to much the same data. In addition to this, it can be dumped wirelessly, without the user’s knowledge. So why does this need to be the case? It doesn’t. File relay is far too sloppy with personal data, and serves up a lot more than “diagnostics” data.

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The Apple Rat In Your Pocket

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Onda V989: 1.0.2 Firmware, Root

In two Weibo communiques today, Onda and Onda Service announced the availability of firmware update 1.0.2 for the Onda V989.


# Onda eight-core tablet # [] # Onda V989 firmware upgrade eight-core # V1.0.2 firmware released new firmware fully optimized GPU performance; simultaneously enhance the overall performance; amended the part of the user to use the camera function! A netizen 3DMark after brushing firmware firmware download → http://t.cn/RPUDS7c Pictured run sub-paced map, performance burst table!

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