Onda V989: 1.0.2 Firmware, Root

In two Weibo communiques today, Onda and Onda Service announced the availability of firmware update 1.0.2 for the Onda V989.


# Onda eight-core tablet # [] # Onda V989 firmware upgrade eight-core # V1.0.2 firmware released new firmware fully optimized GPU performance; simultaneously enhance the overall performance; amended the part of the user to use the camera function! A netizen 3DMark after brushing firmware firmware download → http://t.cn/RPUDS7c Pictured run sub-paced map, performance burst table!

Onda Service:

V989 eight-core version of the firmware release 1.0.2: 1, 2 optimized GPU performance, fix some users after upgrading, problems with the camera function can not be used http://t.cn/RPUDS7c

Some users had reported a puzzling decrease in GPU performance in benchmarking the change from firmware 1.0.0 to 1.0.1. Some believed that Onda was throttling the GPU to enhance battery life. It seems there was a bug in the 1.0.1 firmware and this corrects it. This also fixes a problem 1.0.1 introduced in using the camera.

To prove better GPU performance, Onda attached a 3DMark screen showing a score increase:


(That’s actual size from Weibo… yeah, small.)

There are two versions of the update, one for v1 hardware and one for V2, and they can be gotten here.

Onda OS announced via Weibo a rooting method is available for the V989:

onda V989 root tool freshly baked microblogging @ @ ONDA ONDA first generation of X Corps, ondaos exclusive debut! Download (Update Connection): http://t.cn/RPUEfeD

The file is 1.31MBs and is called “OndaOS_V989-root.rar” available at Baidu.

And this gets confusing because a little over two hours later, Onda OS sent out a second Weibo with two different links:

Well @ Onda microblogging @ ONDA first generation of X Corps, today is 7.23 little crazy. Users V989 shaking it, this has made ​​a version of LBE Root tool. Do you like the LBE came. There are wood? root method, direct local upgrade OTAroot tools after installation update.apk. Root Tools Download: http://t.cn/RPUDJP3 Update.apk Download: http://t.cn/RPUDJPD

The first link is for “ondaos_V989_Root_LBE.zip,” a 6.3MB file available at Baidu.

The second link is for “update.apk,” a 181K file available at Baidu.

A link for instructions wasn’t also published, so perhaps the instructions are in the files themselves.

Note that Onda OS is not part of Onda. It’s a group devoted to rooting and hacking the OS.

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5 responses to “Onda V989: 1.0.2 Firmware, Root

  1. Miguel

    When it will be avalible to buy?
    Thanks Mike

  2. sausage

    Great news! Essential apps like AdAway, Greenify, Xposed, … are now working :) hopefully someone roots those x86 intel based pads rather sooner than later

  3. Fred

    On onda baidu account, there’s a 1.0.2_V3 now, I wonder what’s going on with all those revision (onda v812 got 4 revisions pretty fast also and a fifth one later)

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