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Onda V989: iambillbil Evaluation

iambillbil is well-known in Chinese tablet circles, especially at the IMP3Net forum where he tends to post very long, multi-part/thread evaluations of tablets. These posts are very detailed and are, for the most part, comprehensive.

He’s recently done a series on the Onda V989 but I’ve held off mentioning them here because things were changing quickly with that tablet — two firmware updates in a short period of time — and his benchmarks were quickly becoming obsolete. Since this is a tablet still categorized as being “beta,” this is to be expected.

Well now he’s done a post with tests based on the version 1.0.2 firmware (the latest, at post time) and this is worth reading because I think we finally get a real sense of what this tablet using the octa-core Allwinner A80 CPU is like [Google Translate].

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WordPress Stiffs Desktop Users For Mobile

They made a drastic, dramatic, and absolutely brain-dead stupid change to the posting area in WordPressdotcom yesterday.

Another WordPress user illustrates it:


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Onda V975w: Windows Graphics Memory Adjustment

The graphics card of the Onda V975w — as well as Teclast X98 3G, Teclast X98 Air, and Windows tablets coming out of China from Ramos, Colorfly, Pipo, and others — shares a part of the internal memory. On tablets with 2GBs of RAM, 512MBs are allocated for graphics.

For those users who don’t plan to run large games, that allocation is a waste and could lead to situations where the tablet crashes due to insufficient RAM.

The following instructions to recover more RAM for programs was adapted from a post at ZOL [Google Translate].

Anyone in the market for a Windows tablet from China would do well to Bookmark this post for future reference.

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Onda V975w: It Crashes A Lot?

I don’t know how well Onda moderates its BBS or if these reports are even true, but I pass them along as reference material until we have owner reports at other forums.

User xiangxb reports HDMI not working properly after a V975i is flashed to Windows 8.1 [Google Translate].

User litongbao [Google Translate]:

There are problems in order to stabilize the machine out first large sale Yeah, this old machine crashes, instability ah

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Onda V989 Press Material Laundered

And this time PadNews is caught laundering press material from Onda about the V989 tablet.

IMP3Net lead image:


PadNews lead image:


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Onda: V975w Is Now On Sale

In a Weibo communique, the official Onda account announced the availability of the V975w, something Onda Service previously announced.

Google Translate:

# # Onda V957w small quad flat system of genuine win8.1 tablet can now purchase the micro-channel Mall friends. Global paragraph 9.7 below 500 g air-inch screen tablet, Intel Baytrail-T Z3735 quad-core, built 599 genuine office software, work and play correct. Opening the big picture to see the details, attention to micro-channel public number “Onda Tablet PC” or poking Figure scan code into the “Products”, you can take a small up [lxhx meow]

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