Onda: V975w Is Now On Sale

In a Weibo communique, the official Onda account announced the availability of the V975w, something Onda Service previously announced.

Google Translate:

# # Onda V957w small quad flat system of genuine win8.1 tablet can now purchase the micro-channel Mall friends. Global paragraph 9.7 below 500 g air-inch screen tablet, Intel Baytrail-T Z3735 quad-core, built 599 genuine office software, work and play correct. Opening the big picture to see the details, attention to micro-channel public number “Onda Tablet PC” or poking Figure scan code into the “Products”, you can take a small up [lxhx meow]

Unfortunately, again they provide no link, instead telling people to scan a QR Code at the end of this image:


It’s probably available via the usual suspects: Tmall, Jingdong, Taobao.

I’d expect international resellers to have it in stock, if not already then maybe by the end of next week.

If anyone manages to buy this tablet, leave a Comment with your opinion.

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7 responses to “Onda: V975w Is Now On Sale

  1. Andy

    I’m now really wondering if the 975w now is the altered (better?) version of the 975i. The initial 975i ones needed some hardware modifications to get Windows installed on it.

    So would it be better to buy a 975w and install Onda’s Android firmware on it instead? I don’t want to run Windows on this tablet for now (but what to have the ability if I need to) …

  2. MocciJ

    I’m probably going to buy it. In practice I already did, but I refused the order since I was ordering a bunch of accessories with it and later figured out how much the customs will charge me; once I’ll get fully refunded, I’ll pick it up without anything else to keep costs down.

    I’ll use it for reading university papers (High PPI required), web surfing + youtube, answering mails, and I’ll try to make it a standalone keyboard expander (with an external audio card). Then there’s the Teclast Air, but the lack of HDMI is a deal breaker. 9.7″ screen is way too cramped to display the Win desktop when it comes to do some productivity work (I struggle even with a 15″), I’ll attach a 24″ monitor when I’m at home or at work, with bluetooth keys and mouse. Those are the same use-cases of my current notebook.

    I choose the v975w because there’s really nothing else that satisfy my needs. And I’m making assumptions that, with reviews (of the v975i) that say about the good build quality, the same screen as the iPad and the Intel chipset, there’s not much here that could fail. We have at home a T100: I feel like that the v975w will be an upgrade on everything but the CPU (that’s already good).

    The only downside is that I will have an hard time with the warranty. But this is mitigated by the fact that this is in practice an iPad Air with Windows 8.1.

    • There’s word — and I will have a post later today — that it crashes *a lot*.

      • MocciJ

        I just saw those posts… I suspected something would go wrong with the lack of ram, and that justifies my thoughts.
        But still, with the tweaks… meh, I’m torn now. Maybe I’ll just wait for a 4/64 configuration (that would be awesome), with an upgraded CPU.

  3. Hey Mike,
    I can tell you that I got a tracking number for my 975w-order 2 days ago from onda-tablet.com so they are available now.

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