Onda V975w: It Crashes A Lot?

I don’t know how well Onda moderates its BBS or if these reports are even true, but I pass them along as reference material until we have owner reports at other forums.

User xiangxb reports HDMI not working properly after a V975i is flashed to Windows 8.1 [Google Translate].

User litongbao [Google Translate]:

There are problems in order to stabilize the machine out first large sale Yeah, this old machine crashes, instability ah

User aibuliushen [Google Translate]:

How to write is to design machine memory 2G, 1.5G just how practical it? ? ? Seeking answers, frequently card crashes

User litongbao again [Google Translate]:

Just got my friends in Baidu bar where no one of these machines do not crash every day. And several times a day to die.

And user hero245 says in the same thread:

I also, in win8 in not completely shut down.

Night after the shutdown, the next morning, the body is still warm, normal boot can not open.

Must press the shutdown button for 10 seconds, then boot to boot. But the battery is almost gone.

User Chen blue water complains about the NIC and Bluetooth but Onda forum moderator powersoda claims this was fixed with an updated BIOS [Google Translate]:

This latest BIOS has been resolved, can go to the official website to download

Then user hero245 wonders if that also fixes the Shutdown problem:

The BIOS can be resolved after the shutdown fever, can not drive in this situation?

User cocl recommends re-installing to resolve some problems:

975W feel this question should be in use on the system is WIMboot do have a problem easily crash the system reinstall Professional Edition with a very stable CPU occupancy rate is occupied SYSTEM User research is touch-driven problem I hope everyone enthusiastically to Onda reaction early settlement of machine performance two percent are otherwise wasted

User Extraordinary Hui [Google Translate]:

v975w been screen freezes, requiring attention to what the official website to solve! Less than half an hour before watching the video on the screen freezes, and the high frequency of crashes, how to use what we call, I guess there are many people like me problems! !

User hero245 reiterates and details the Shutdown problem [Google Translate]:

Ask, tablet received, but many problems ah!

Often win8 in Settings => shutdown, as if not completely shut down, shut down after the plate is still hot.

The next day the battery is almost gone.

Once the fever cases occur after shutdown, certainly can not drive, first press the OFF button 10 seconds to boot after hardware shutdown.

I do not know what the problem is visible in win8 occasionally will not completely shut down.

The probability of this problem is large, there are several times a day, can not use ah.

And can not return and replacement, called us how to use ah.

Is ONDA wait two weeks so we treat k it?

Does anyone know what is the problem, how to solve ah?

There’s a specific method to do a Shutdown that Onda documents in a FAQ (link later). It’s unknown if this person is following that procedure. If so, this is a very serious problem.

User litongbao complains again [Google Translate]:

The factory should be able to see the web tablet can play some video games, do not frequent computer crashes Caton, can be a year or so is a success. Nobody likes no matter Scrapped. You people keep what bois brush reinstall the system firmware, you are the master ah when everyone who did not eat a thing like Scrapped ah, something the factory in question would no longer get out front, it must come out people experience uncomfortable. Otherwise, smashing his own brand.

Crashing and stuttering this time.

User wq8245 found a temporary solution to a problem [Google Translate]:

1 networked play system patch (must, in addition to security patches, also installed an optional patch, not mse that, nor what kind of equipment health patch)

2 Turn off Windows Defender (required)

3. Upgrade the video driver 3643 (optional, but feel after I upgraded touchscreen fluent)

4 into the bios to adjust memory settings (optional, at least turn increased real disposable memory)

5 Under Administrator cmd “Powercfg-h-size 50”, hibernation file size is halved (optional, does not affect the fast boot win8 ,5-10 seconds to start)

PS: Temporary how few

Then user Extraordinary Hui offers a solution with an insult:

Adjust the memory into the bios settings, where after entering the adjustment, do not understand English! Detailed say something!

Then user wq8245 offers a permanent solution found on another forum:

OTG connection keyboard, boot press ESC

Northbridge project in the third term in the modified bios

Mainly Aperture Size, DVMT Pre-Allocated, Total Gfx Mem settings

Refer http://padbbs.zol.com.cn/1/229_1993.html [Google Translate]

User lovelyalin has a CPU utilization problem, with CPU usage soaring despite nothing running and several people discuss it [Google Translate].

User priest0910 leads me to believe the version of Windows 8.1 offered by Onda is actually pirated, not official from Microsoft, in this troubling post about wiping out a pre-existing Activation Key [Google Translate]. This is why I wonder about how well Onda monitors this forum.

User WANGFENG701 has the wireless Internet connection option disappear [Google Translate]:

Just bought V975W, with the first day was okay, the next day you can not boot the wireless Internet. Wireless Internet access is also the option disappeared after restored to normal, but once the shut down, it has committed doing it not wireless Internet access. There will crash.

The first tablet with Onda, did not think this is the grade, too bad!

User yl24836832 wonders why the Windows 8.1 download for the V975i cannot be activated and moderator powersoda amazingly reveals [Google Translate]:

V975i brush Win8.1 is pirated, so you can not activate

Wait. What?

There’s a FAQ for a variety of Windows 8.1 things here [Google Translate]. There’s no indication of piracy there. But there’s lots of information anyone who’s going to buy the V97w will need, so Bookmark it now.

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  1. It´s clear, that windows is a big crap.
    I don´t understand the people wanting a tablet with a shitty CPU like Intel and shitty OS like Windows.

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