Onda V975w: Windows Graphics Memory Adjustment

The graphics card of the Onda V975w — as well as Teclast X98 3G, Teclast X98 Air, and Windows tablets coming out of China from Ramos, Colorfly, Pipo, and others — shares a part of the internal memory. On tablets with 2GBs of RAM, 512MBs are allocated for graphics.

For those users who don’t plan to run large games, that allocation is a waste and could lead to situations where the tablet crashes due to insufficient RAM.

The following instructions to recover more RAM for programs was adapted from a post at ZOL [Google Translate].

Anyone in the market for a Windows tablet from China would do well to Bookmark this post for future reference.

Before making any changes, read the entire post first. This post is an adaptation of another one and I assume no responsibility for tablets that are bricked.

By default, 512MBs of RAM is assigned to the graphics card. But for those who won’t be playing large, intensive games, this is a waste of tight RAM. The BIOS can be modified to adjust the size of the memory allocated to the graphics card.

This screen is taken from the Colorfly i06 Q1 tablet but applies to others as well (click on any image to enlarge):


Of the 2GBs of RAM, only 1.46 are free. The goal is to increase the available free RAM.

1) Attach a keyboard — one that has arrow keys and an ESCape key — to the USB port of the tablet using a USB OnTheGo cable.

2) Reboot the tablet and hold down the “F7” key or the “Del” key to enter the BIOS:


3) Using the arrow key, select the “Chipset” tab in the BIOS:


4) Select “Northbridge”:


5) Select “Intel IGD Configuration”:


6) Select “DVMT Pre-Allocated” and change the value as needed to either “128M” or “256M”. Here it’s changed to 256M:


7) Press the ESCape key to exit BIOS and be sure to Save the new setting.

Having changed the “Intel IGD Configuration” from 512MBs to 256MBs, more RAM is now free, as illustrated here:


IMPORTANT: All this does is adjust the size of pre-allocated memory. The system will still allocate up to 512MBs of RAM as needed. In order to permanently restrict the size of memory used for graphics, changes must also be made to “DVMT Total Gfx Mem” and “Aperture Size”, which are highlighted in yellow below:


As several people are complaining about crashes with the Onda V975w (and converted to Windows V975i), this solution could end those problems.

Previously here:

Onda V975w: It Crashes A Lot?



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9 responses to “Onda V975w: Windows Graphics Memory Adjustment

  1. Znawca

    Mike, which tablet with 7,9″ or 9.7″ is avaliable in stock with Retina and GPS?

    • I don’t hold all these tablets in my head. You’re going to have to keep track of ones with GPS that interest you on your own. Only the Teclast X98 3G and Onda V975i have GPS, IIRC, and are available now.

  2. Znawcaa

    also with Windows 8.1

  3. Jonathan Lim

    Just a note that you can try to boot into BIOS using Esc + Caps Lock.

    Thanks for the tip though.

  4. aaa

    could you help me? screen go blank after follow this things. my device is Onda V919 Air CH

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