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Chuwi VX8 3G: Windows 8.1 Edition


IMP3Net runs some hard-sell press material from Chuwi that confirms the upcoming VX8 3G will also have a Windows 8.1 edition [Google Translate].

Since this tablet will offer 3G (with the usual caveats that it might not be compatible outside of China), it will probably do GPS as well.

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New Video: Windows On Onda V975i

Someone posted a new video to YouTube showing Windows 8.1 running on the Onda V975i.

Unfortunately, by default the video looks like this:


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Teclast Android X89HD Can Flash To Windows 8.1

In a Weibo communique today, Teclast revealed a headache no one in their right mind wants:


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Xiaomi MiPad 64GB Open Sales

In a Weibo communique, Xiaomi reaffirms no-appointment sales and has added the white color 64GB version of the MiPad to the list of items available to buy right now (with a 3-to-4 week wait for delivery — which these days seems unusual but that’s how the world used to work prior to Amazon).


The list of all available-now Xiaomi products.

A Xiaomi account is needed — and it needs to be tied to a cellphone inside China. See my ordering attempt in the prior post.

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Another Apple Store Opens In China


According to a Weibo communique from Bigertech, a new Apple Store opened in Jiangbei District, Chongqing North City. It has “glass side walls up to 11 meters, which is currently the highest in Asia Apple store glass wall.”


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Onda V975w: Driver Package

It turns out there’s a package of drivers for the Onda V975w. This was revealed on the Onda forum when an owner complained of Bluetooth not working [Google Translate].

To get the download package, go to the page for the Onda V97w:


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Onda V975w: BIOS Update, Windows Activation

Same-day update: See update within post.

See, this is why I will never be the first to buy any hardware at all: The first batch is never the final product.

In a Weibo communique today, Onda announced the availability of a BIOS update for the V975w, their 64-bit Bay Trail-T Z3735D-based Windows tablet:


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Onda V989: Third Hardware Revision

Thanks to Fred in Comments for pointing it out.

Onda has yet to officially announce a third hardware revision — there’s nothing on their Weibo at post time about this — but it’s public knowledge now at their firmware download page:


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