Teclast Android X89HD Can Flash To Windows 8.1

In a Weibo communique today, Teclast revealed a headache no one in their right mind wants:



#台风福利#强悍的台风们真是无所不能!Win8.1来袭,台电X89HD Win8.1固件刷机教程,感谢台风@黑洞之心 的默默付出啊!买了安卓版想刷Win 8系统的台风们,请接好神贴:http://t.cn/RPGRZ1K[可怜]不过刷机有风险,小台提醒小白们,慎刷慎刷!

Google Translate:

# # Powerful typhoon Typhoon welfare who really do anything! Win8.1 struck, Taipower X89HD Win8.1 firmware Brush tutorial, thanks to the black hole in the center of the typhoon @ silence to pay ah! They bought a typhoon Android version want to brush Win 8 system, please take a good God posted: http://t.cn/RPGRZ1K [poor] but Brush risk, small white desk to remind them, Shen Shen brush brush!


In other words, anyone who bought the Android-based Teclast X89HD and then decides they really wanted Windows 8.1 can go through all the hell of flashing the firmware to replace Android with Windows 81.

The instructions (incomplete, because the post is locked and requires registration) is here — and I’ve managed to coax a clickable URL for that out of Bing Translator, here.

Do yourself a frikkin favor: Choose one. Android or Windows. Don’t buy the Android one thinking it’ll be Just So Easy to flash to Windows 8.1 and for it to work well. The amount of time you’ll waste doing the flashing and getting it Just Right won’t make you a haXXor — it’ll make you a dope.

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6 responses to “Teclast Android X89HD Can Flash To Windows 8.1

  1. Michael

    Why dont they just make a dual boot option like Ramos i wonder…

  2. Michael

    Interesting information, all though i see them for sale with dual boot at the moment. Is this due to the vanilla android thing ?

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