Xiaomi MiPad 64GB Open Sales

In a Weibo communique, Xiaomi reaffirms no-appointment sales and has added the white color 64GB version of the MiPad to the list of items available to buy right now (with a 3-to-4 week wait for delivery — which these days seems unusual but that’s how the world used to work prior to Amazon).


The list of all available-now Xiaomi products.

A Xiaomi account is needed — and it needs to be tied to a cellphone inside China. See my ordering attempt in the prior post.

Previously here:

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8 responses to “Xiaomi MiPad 64GB Open Sales

  1. james

    Which one do you think will be better between this one or the Teclast X89HD?

  2. james

    Even if I ask you which one do you think has better battery life?

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