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Teclast Announces AnAn Power Bank

Via a Weibo communique today, Teclast released this on an innocent world:


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MIUI 6 Will Do Split-Screening

Xiaomi will be going after Samsung’s lunch. The rumor is MIUI 6 — to be released August 16th — will offer split-screening [Google Translate]:

Meanwhile MIUI 6 also for large-screen mobile phone optimized version allegedly split screen function will use two-finger mode, the user opens a program window to push two fingers on the screen will shrink, while the bottom of the pop-up window which will Some common applications are pre-defined user, click to open it, it will in the next half-screen display.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

No doubt that will also come to the Xiaomi MiPad, further upsetting the entire tablet balance of power.

Teclast previously announced it will add split-screening to Android.

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Onda V989: Customized Firmware

Even Onda has pimped this, in a Weibo communique today.

No doubt because it turbocharges whatever cheating they’ve baked into the tablet:


See the (locked) forum post: Google Translate, Bing Translator.


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Onda V989 Disassembled

Thanks to ftechno in Comments for this!

Onda V989 Disassembly [Google Translate]

Still some tape …


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APK Downloader

Thanks to Shadowcek in Comments for this tip!

APK Downloader

Have you ever wanted to get your hands on the latest game, only to find that the Google Play thought it wasn’t compatible with your phone?

Maybe you don’t have a snapdragon device, but you’re pretty sure an old device could handle it still. Have a Kindle Fire and want access to more than just the Amazon AppStore?

Until now you’ve been stuck, but a new online service also come with Chrome extension called APK Downloader will allow you to download an apk file from the Google Play directly to your desktop rather than to your device.

Just paste in the Google Play Store URL and you’re off!

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The Intel Monster And The iPad


Google Translate: Why the iPad is no longer favored

Aside from the plummeting market share of the iPad (which Apple probably doesn’t care about as they drive caravans of trucks stuffed with money to their banks), there’s a startling revelation about Intel and Shenzhen.

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Preliminary Feedback From Foxit Software

Previously: Foxit Version Resolution Discrepancy

Foxit says the resolution of the Desktop and Metro versions is, paraphrased, “close enough.” I’m not satisfied and I’ve asked them to take a second look.

What I might have to do is actually try it on a Surface tablet at Best Buy (man, I hope they have demo accounts set up for the Store!). On the other hand, there’s no resolution degradation evident in the video done with the Dell Venue 8 Pro:


This makes me wonder if the Toshiba notebook I tested on is just somehow crap for this test.

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