Onda V989: Customized Firmware

Even Onda has pimped this, in a Weibo communique today.

No doubt because it turbocharges whatever cheating they’ve baked into the tablet:


See the (locked) forum post: Google Translate, Bing Translator.



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4 responses to “Onda V989: Customized Firmware

  1. Goodboy

    after this results I do not trust anymore in antutu. I still want to buy this tablet but not because of scores, I dont care about that. I will only believe in my own user experience and that’s it.

  2. Andy

    Wow, that really must be cheating …

    End of August I’m in Singapore for a few days, so I’ll definitively get my hands on a couple of these new tablets (V989, V975i/w, Teclast, Pipo P1) to see how they really perform.

  3. zs

    they returned time/2 in gettimeofday in libc.so
    see http://tieba.baidu.com/p/3238780003

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