Pipo Work-W2 “2/32” Windows 8.1 Tablet Released

Although beaten to the price punch by CUBE upgrading its iWork8 tablet, Pipo today officially announced the availability of its Windows 8.1-based Work-W2 eight-inch tablet via a Weibo communique:



#品铂平板电脑# 迷你Win8平板799元 品铂W2正式上市!!配置Intel Bay Trail-T Z3735D四核处理器、2GB DDR3L内存、8寸IPS屏幕、500万像素AF主摄像头,预装正版Win 8.1操作系统及office办公软件,价格相当亲民http://t.cn/RPVxViQ @耗子胖成猪 @云飞寻缘 @平板盒子网

Google Translate:

# # Mini Tablet PC product platinum 799 yuan product Win8 tablet platinum W2 officially listed! ! Configure Intel Bay Trail-T Z3735D quad-core processor, 2GB DDR3L RAM, 8-inch IPS screen, 5 megapixel AF main camera, Win 8.1 pre-installed genuine operating systems and office software, the price is quite close to the people http://t.cn / RPVxViQ @ rat fat as a pig hunt edge @ @ Yunfei flat box subnets


See more at the Pipo forum [Google Translate].

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2 responses to “Pipo Work-W2 “2/32” Windows 8.1 Tablet Released

  1. Svetozar Ganchev

    I have really been waiting for this, hope it is worth it. Thanks, Mike

    • Svetozar

      Just to share that banggood seems to have the Pipo W2 in stock for 160.99$ which seems like a great price for this.

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