Root Onda V975i & Onda V989

Onda OS — a hacking group not affiliated with Onda — announced via a Weibo communique rooting tool downloads for the Onda V975i and Onda V989 tablets:



@昂达微博 @ONDA第X代軍团 OndaOS带来最新的Root工具:V989最新Root下载地址: V975i/819i最新Root工具: (刷入方式均为使用升级文件进行OTA刷入)

Google Translate:

@ Onda microblogging @ ONDA first Generation X Corps OndaOS bring the latest Root Tools: V989 latest Root Download: V975i/819i latest Root Tool: (brush into the way files are upgraded OTA using the brush into)

Onda V975i Baidu download
Onda V989 Baidu download


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2 responses to “Root Onda V975i & Onda V989

  1. miniME

    This is VERY good news! First proven root on an Intel based pad right?

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