iFive Mini 4: Pre-Sales Begin August 1st

Oddly, Five announced it at the 5Fans forum and not on Weibo [Google Translate].


Although Tmall lists it at 1299 (temporarily), the actual price will be 1099, as seen in this graphic where Five compares it to the Xiaomi MiPad:


At one time — it now seems like ages ago — I was thrilled at the prospect of this tablet. But this graphic — and other tablets released in the long wait for this one — dims that enthusiasm:


The back is again WiFi-strangling all-metal and there are no Volume buttons. The lack of Volume buttons make rooting problematic. And I think people will want to root it — Five is slathering its dismal iFive Skin over it. That indicates to me there won’t be Rockchip’s MultiWindow Android 2.0 inside.

At least Five has boosted the battery — it’ll be 5,600mAh. But I still think it won’t get more than four hours of constant use (even with Five already having dialed-back on maximum screen brightness, as they usually do).

Here’s the Tmall listing.

And I’ve ripped their official promo video from Youku to YouTube, to post here:

Previously here:

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  1. The Pipo P8 is also launching next week with pretty much all the same specs but without the iFive Skin, which unfortunatly iFive settings have many sections that can’t be changed from Mandarin to English —

    One site with details on the Pipo P8 is — iProTablet

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