Second Wave Of Eight-Inch Windows 8.1 Tablets Coming

Here they are, already being manufactured:


They’re based on the lower-priced Z3735F/G CPUs.

From an interview with an Intel China rep at PadNews, a manufacturer (with a company name that Google Translate renders nonsensically) states [Google Translate]:

This is a European customer orders, the first single is 16K, the 28th has been shipped 1.5K. There are 10K 3G version of the follow-up orders. Besides Russia, Turkey and South Africa’s orders. Polaroid is also the first in South America with our program, and why our 8 inches 3G package? Because we are using a Huawei MU739 module supports five band 3G, 2G is four bands of South America is concerned, the basic requirement is 4 +2 band. We 8 inches Z3735F / G program also supports 5GHz/2.4GHz dual-band WiFi, which in North America and Europe are very popular. So there are a lot of foreign customers directly to us, asked to use our program. Just because we go faster, so we do a lot of foreign customers find products, but also allows them to take the lead in foreign countries do first. In addition, we also support Intel’s Design house, Intel will introduce us to some customers. We will be fully fit.

It’s unclear if he’s talking of two tablet models, one with 3G and one only with WiFi. But it’s interesting to see the next wave will offer 3G.

I wonder how much these inexpensive Windows tablets will cut into iPad Mini sales in those markets? A US$99 Windows tablet is one-fourth the price of an iPad Mini in America. In these other markets, the price could be as low as one-tenth that of the base iPad Mini.

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7 responses to “Second Wave Of Eight-Inch Windows 8.1 Tablets Coming

  1. Endriu

    For now is avaliable any tablet with Bay Trail + GPS + Retina in sale? Not pre order? What with Teclast Air and New Onda ?

  2. Endriu

    But no with preinstaled Windows? Only Android?

  3. This puts a new spin of “flood the market”, way to go Wintel!

    As someone in the 3rd world this is what i want to see, affordable tablets. I think this move will definitely eat up a big portion of Apple market share. For me to buy an Apple product when there are comparable alternatives would be just for boasting and hype. The same as buying a Beat by Dre headphone. What’s worst is the fence Apple puts up around their eco-system, it is not ’emerging-market’ friendly.

    The way i see things right now, its South America, Asia and Africa where the money is right now for tech corps.

  4. Mario

    I like to see more 8 inch tablets with 4:3 ratio and Windows 8.1.

    The only one is the Teclast X89HD. Are there any english reviews for this tablets? I try to translate the comments on They wrote that its going hot :(

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