iFive Mini 4: More Photos, Benchmarks

Five Technology let loose their forum shills to push the hell out of the iFive Mini 4 the day before it goes on pre-sale.

First, new photos of the Mini 4 with its appearance compared to the Xiaomi MiPad at the 5Fans forum [Google Translate].


Up against the Xiaomi MiPad:




I have to admit that all-metal back sure does look nice and the lines are sleeker than the MiPad.

But what about performance?

Let’s see some of the benchmarks from another 5Fans forum thread [Google Translate]:

AnTuTu 4.x:



AnTuTu X:



I believe those scores. Rockchip and its partners have never been revealed to cheat at AnTuTu like the partners of Allwinner and Actions have.



Sensors detected:


Ten-point multitouch:






There’s also a WiFi test at the thread but I’m not believing it. With that all-metal back, I’m skeptical of claims made for it. I’ll believe WiFi remarks when actual paying buyers have it in their hands.

Also included is this screensnap pertaining to storage …


… with this comment:

Internal storage and RAM performance Mini4 comes as good and the previous generation

I might be optimistic, but I think that means Five is using the same storage scheme as prior Mini models — other than the 3GS. So there should be no problems with internal storage space — and perhaps none with moving apps to a microSD card. Again, let’s see what actual owners have to say in the upcoming weeks.

What’s a bit frustrating is that I can’t pin down internal storage. Five doesn’t mention it at all on their page, past specs never mentioned it, yet Tmall says it’s 32GBs. (The AnTuTu screens being in Chinese frustrate me.)

There’s another 5Fans forum thread, but it’s locked and I’m not registering [Google Translate]. In time, it’ll be unlocked — but the information might not matter then.

I wonder what the Google Books PDF test would be like on this. I also wonder about battery life, heat, and screen brightness. And will it accept 64GB and 128GB microSD cards?

No rooting method has yet been publicized for the Pipo P1 — the first Rockchip 3288-based tablet — so this remains an unanswered question. The prior Rockchip 3188 CPU — embodied in the Chuwi V88 — managed to gain a following and rooting methods were available along with customized ROMs. Will that happen with the iFive Mini 4 too? If the owners of the Mini 4 show the same determination and dedication as the beleaguered Mini 3GS owners, then rooting methods and custom ROMs will happen — but this will take a great deal of cleverness since the Mini 4 lacks Volume buttons!

This is the first iPad Mini clone using the Rockchip 3288. Pipo has yet to release its own, the P8, which will include a Huawei UltraStick slot for 3G/4G (not guaranteed to work outside of China).

Tablet wonk iambillbil has a Mini 4 and I await his detailed evaluation. But I’ll keep in mind he was rather soft on the Mini 3GS. I hope this time he won’t hold back.

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11 responses to “iFive Mini 4: More Photos, Benchmarks

  1. yeahman45

    I like the black color and it looks pretty nice

  2. bobb

    Looks like the second photos for antutux and antutu 4.x are reversed. Looking at my running of antutu x and antutu 4.x the second photos should be interchanged by what I see on my output screens.

    Appears it is 16 G by looking at Device Info screen from antutu screenshot.

    He must also have some background process running, cause at the cpu information screen, the cpu load is 25%, when I run antutu on my tablet and look at the device info screen it is always at 3 to 4%. This is with wifi connected.

    I am comparing this to a teclast p90hd which has the rockchip 3288 in it also.

    • I copied over the screens in the order they appeared in the post, yet I see your point. In the heat of getting it all done, I miss details like that.

      Well that would be weird, if it was 2GBs of RAM with just 16GBs of internal storage!

      • bobb

        That’s what I have on my p90hd, but I have a 64G external sdcard formatted to NTFS which works well.

  3. I think i have found the one i have been looking for…

  4. I would never-ever by a tablet unless I know that a custom rom is possible. For this I keep an eye XDAForums and FreakTab

    I want to try the X89 but I know Intel wont allow outsiders to mess with their rom.

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