Pipo Work-W2 Unboxed, Benchmarked


Over at the Pipo forum [Google Translate].

Previously here:

Pipo Work-W2 “2/32″ Windows 8.1 Tablet Released
Pipo W2 Tablet Goes On Pre-Sale
Pipo Announces Windows Tablet, Rewrites Entire Market



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4 responses to “Pipo Work-W2 Unboxed, Benchmarked

  1. Fred

    Looks interesting, I hope it’ll soon be listed on the my favorite chinese websites, might give this one a shot.

    • Svetozar

      As I mentioned in a previous thread, banggood offers it for 160.99$. Sorry for advertising them but on gizchina there was a thread about chinese resellers and I read some good things about them.

  2. [Vendor name redacted] in the U.S. carries the new Pipo P2 and other new Pipo and Ramos tablets as well.

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