Rockchip 3288 Rooting Status

I’ve been wondering about rooting the iFive Mini 4 (to get rid of that abysmal iFive Skin) so I’ve done a bit of research.

There are ambiguous answers as to whether or not the Rockchip 3288-based Pipo P1 can be rooted [Google Translate].

Despite not having Volume buttons, the original Rockchip 3188-based Retina-class Mini 3 was rooted and custom ROMs made available for it. It seems it was all handled via USB cable to a Windows-based machine.

So I have to say the odds look good for the Mini 4 being rooted and perhaps also getting custom ROMs.


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2 responses to “Rockchip 3288 Rooting Status

  1. E.T.

    Even without root, a Launcher such as Apex provides the standard look with many extra features.
    The availability of custom roms depends strongly on the popularity of the device.

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