Standby For AnTuTu Score Inflation!

AnTuTu version five has moved to beta version one and this is the score it gives the Xiaomi MiPad:




That’s about a ten thousand point increase (taking forty thousand as the version X base).

I wonder what the Rockchip 3288, Intel Z3735D, and Allwinner A80 score with that?

Anyway, these images are from GizChina and their review of the Xiaomi MiPad: Xiaomi Mi Pad review – The best Android tablet to date?


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4 responses to “Standby For AnTuTu Score Inflation!

  1. bobb

    Ran it on my teclast p90hd (rk3288) and scored 34,000, previous antutuX was over 40,000 and antutu4 was 40,000 also.

    • v5 Beta1 gave you a lower score?

      • bobb

        Yes, rather interesting too. If I run 4.x or X first i get a 40,000+ score. Then if i run 5, a 34,000+ score. If I reboot the tablet and run 5 first, 34,000 score and both 4.x and X will be 34,000+ also.
        So, running 5 first appears to effect the scores of 4 for some reason, until the tablet is rebooted.

  2. Marcus

    The 10k increase is mostly due to the 3d score being increased.

    3d Score increased significantly as antutu 5 changed the way 3d scores are generated. They used real life 3d game engines to determine the 3d score. It seems that for the specific game engine (havok). The tegra gpu kicks some serious ass.

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