Teclast X89HD: iambillbil Appearance Evaluation

Tablet wonk iambillbil has the new Teclast X89HD tablet and is doing an “appearance evaluation” at IMP3Net [Google Translate]. This is always the first step in his comprehensive “evaluation” (he doesn’t call them a “review”) of a tablet. His forum thread is locked but I’ve registered at IMP3Net and so can bring everyone some of the hidden content!

His preview image made me believe he was evaluating the Windows 8.1 edition, but that turned out to be a head fake! It’s actually the Android edition.


What’s in the box?


Charging is via the microUSB port:


All sides:










The Teclast tUI:


He says the screen is not particularly bright but can be seen outside on a Summer day:


A special feature of Teclast is an icon to clean up RAM:


Since the Power button is on the left side, most people will hold the tablet like this in landscape mode …


… but when playing a game, the tablet wants to be the other way around:


And that I find weird. The Rosa tablet has its Power and Volume buttons on the right side.

GPS works well outside:


Note that GPS is unlikely to work in the Windows 8.1 edition.

And another weird thing:


Long-pressing Power doesn’t include an option for Restart! (To me it looks like Off, Airplane Mode, and something to do with Volume?)

iambillbil toys with us by displaying an image of Windows 8.1 on the tablet, to show us what it would be like if this was the Windows edition:


Another fake image …


… and here he says there’s an important difference between the Android and Windows editions. Android has a battery life of just four hours. Running Windows 8.1, the battery life is increased to six. But he doesn’t say how he arrived at these values. It’s known, however, that the Wintel combo does more manipulation of the CPU speed and power-saving.

On the left, the still-unreleased iFive Mini 4 next to the Teclast X89HD:


Dimension and weight comparisons:


He notes that it becomes very hot and wouldn’t recommend putting any sort of cover on the back!

In the days ahead, he’ll do his performance evaluation and that will be all the important things, such as benchmarks, temperature readings, battery life, etc. So standby for more!

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7 responses to “Teclast X89HD: iambillbil Appearance Evaluation

  1. Mario

    The heat could be a big problem :(

    There are many user on jd.com which remains the hot temperature of the TEclast X89HD (Windows).

  2. yeahman45

    they should spend some efforts innovating a bit … they look too much like ipads which i’m not very fun of… ramos has interesting design with their tablets (i10, i10pro, i9 etc.. have pretty good designs)

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