Xiaomi MiPad: Open Sales Of Some Colors

BAM! This Weibo communique should blast a hole in the price-gouging international resellers:



【[来]想买就买!#小米平板#敞开销售】免预约,立即购买!小米平板火热敞开销售中:缤纷色彩任你选,64G仅售1699元,16G版1499元!全球首款Tegra K1处理器,内置192核PC级架构GPU,全贴合7.9 吋视网膜屏,深度优化MIUI系统……现货供应,支付后7天内发货!速速转发购买→http://t.cn/RvkH7yj

Google Translate:

[[To] think only buy! # # Open flat sales of millet] appointment free, buy now! Millet open flat hot sales: any colors you choose, 64G for only 1699 yuan, 16G version 1499 yuan! The world’s first Tegra K1 processor, built-in 192-level core PC architecture GPU, 7.9-inch full-fitting retina screen, the depth of the optimization MIUI system …… stock, shipped within 7 days after payment! Haste to forward purchase → ​​http://t.cn/RvkH7yj

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

The “any color you choose” is a Gotcha. I went to the site and 16GB is white, pink, yellow. 64GB is still just white!


I really wonder what the Google Books PDF test would be like on this.

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