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iFive Mini 4: Chinese Video Review

So… there’s no other way to put it: For less than half the price of an iPad Mini 2, you really do get less than half of the capability and quality!

Jiggly power button:


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Huawei Caught Cheating 3DMark

Huawei Ascend P7 delisted from 3DMark rankings

See also: Examining Huawei’s Benchmark Optimizations in the Ascend P7

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iLevon: MIUI Users Should Stay With Dalvik

In a Weibo communiqué, iLevon — who I believe works for Xiaomi on their MIUI dev team — advises MIUI users to stick with Dalvik over ART:


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Full-Of-Himself “Writer” Goes On Epic Comment Rant

FunBITS: Bears in Boats Fighting Crime

The guy claims he’s a “serious writer” (with Teddy Bears as his book’s characters?!!?) and goes on some kind of epic mental meltdown over in the Comments about a review of his trivial work.

Here’s a bunch of free clues for him:

1) If you call yourself a “serious writer,” we’ve already tuned out.

2) There simply is no right or wrong to reviews of fiction, despite what you learned in “University.”

3) You never debate a review. Not ever.

To compound it all, he says this:

If you think a well-reasoned, detailed response like mine is going to hurt a writer’s career, you can’t possibly know this for fact. It may have that effect or no effect or, in our media-hyped age, the exact opposite effect.

Yes, we can know.

We’ve seen you’re a dick whose writing was based on some sort of “formula for fiction” you “learned” at “University” and it resulted in something so lifeless that even a mild criticism of it sent you spinning into a mental orbit no sane person — or “serious writer” — could ever reach.

Whatever “writing career” you had hoped for is now over.

PS: Don’t bother leaving a Comment here, Harper. I’ll send it to the Trash without even reading it.


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iFive Mini 4 In Reseller Video

Until people buy it, we have to settle for videos from vendors.


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Today’s Lesson

Never fight with someone on Twitter who owns a Samsung Galaxy Note.

Previously here:

The League Of Galaxy Note Women Update
That Samsung Galaxy Note Phone
The League Of Galaxy Note Women Taunt Me
Happy Birthday, iPhone. You’re Doomed.
The Girl With The Samsung Tattoo

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AnTuTu: Galaxy Note 3, Boost Max, HTC One Max


I’ve been looking at large-screen cheap phones sold in the U.S.. I guess this pushes the Boost Max (aka ZTE Max) off the candidate list…

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Chuwi VX8 3G Windows 8.1 Flashing Instructions

The photos contained in their prior Weibo might have been from a forum post. I can’t follow all forums.

Anyway, it looks like IMP3Net has republished that entire post. While this is of no real use right now to anybody reading this blog, I thought it’d be worthwhile to link to it out of curiosity [Google Translate].

Remember that Chuwi will be releasing a black-color VX8 3G containing Windows 8.1 with Bing without the need for flashing.

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iFive Mini 4: Firmware Update 1.1.3

Over at the 5Fans forum, a Five Technology staff member has posted instructions for the manual firmware update for the iFive Mini 4: Version 1.1.3 [Google Translate].

It’s probably straightforward when actually done, but reading the on-screen steps seems a bit hair-raising — especially if something hangs or fails and the dialog box is in Chinese!

Why this isn’t pushed out as an Over The Air upgrade is not explained.

No word on rooting yet. Still too early.

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Teclast X98 Air Gets A Review


Over at ZOL [Google Translate].

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