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Teclast X89HD Windows Edition: First Owner Images

Another bit of tech pr0n, with images ripped from the Jingdong listing of the Teclast X89HD Windows Edition. These are all images uploaded from a bunch of different actual owners.

Note that these owners are saying that, like the Android edition, it runs hot and also gets hot while charging.


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Teclast X89HD: iambillbil Performance Evaluation

True to form, iambillbil has done a third post evaluating the Teclast X89HD. This time, the performance evaluation [Google Translate].


A small portion of the post is locked. That portion has to do with playing games. To summarize that bit, large games generally run well; one game called Wild Blood could not be installed.

Bottom line is that it’s a very strong Android tablet — a combination of fast internal storage and the CPU always running flat-out at 1.83GHz guarantees that. But it also generates a lot of heat and is the hottest — in the temperature sense — iPad Mini clone on the market with a correspondingly short battery life.

Previously here:

Teclast X89HD: iambillbil Hardware Evaluation
Teclast X89HD: iambillbil Appearance Evaluation
Teclast X89HD: iambillbil Preview
iambillbil Teases Teclast X89HD Evaluation

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ChinaJoy Models

ChinaJoy is a huge game expo in Shanghai. EvoLife has an article with photos of the young woman models — called “booth bunnies” here in the U.S. — pressed into service at exhibits.

A few are self-possessed like her …


… and then there are those who DIY:


Chinese tablet makers often use alluring young women to model their products. When will the practice end?

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Xiaomi MiPad: Hidden Bits


There are several things hidden in the Xiaomi MiPad. This forum post reveals how to see them.

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iFive Mini 4: More Photos, Three Videos

Over at the IMP3Net forum, the locked post from the 5Fans forum has been duplicated and is unlocked [Google Translate].

In addition, three videos were posted to Youku, which I’ve downloaded and cross-posted to YouTube to embed here. See them after the break.


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