iFive Mini 4: iambillbil Appearance Evaluation

Tablet wonk iambillbil turns his attention to an engineering sample of the iFive Mini 4 in an IMP3Net forum post with some locked content (some of which appears herein) [Google Translate].


That’s the Teclast X89HD on the right. The iFive Mini 4 screen has comparable brightness.


The iFive Mini 4 is a bit smaller and thinner.


That annoying iFive Skin:


Five’s special button for hiding the bottom bar:



Only the Xiaomi MiPad uses the entire screen, with capacitive buttons placed on the front of the tablet.


I see Google Maps and the Play Store above. I also see two voice search icons. What will the microphone be like?


The camera is slow to focus. Let’s hope Five fixes that in the released version!

Weight comparison:


Dimensions comparison:


Aside from the Power button and microUSB port not matching up, the iFive Mini 4 can use iPad Mini sleeves and cases just fine:


So far, he says:

Advantages. Shell design is very beautiful, the cap can be used ipadmini partly related to 3288 cpu chip is very good, the desktop slide, slide pages, start acceleration time is very short, start acceleration time from 1fps to 60fps basically very short. Speed ​​quickly, few machines can match.

Application associated with cpu always feel fabulous, such as a desktop slide, slide programs such as, for example, slide pages, such as reading the slide, click to read such procedures, and the daily application of subjective feelings, feeling good

And the daily application of the machine is not feeling the heat. Hot Donghonghong game machine. Because a machine is a machine more heat x89hd. Five Elements mini4 heat seemed a little better.

So: Good frame rates lead to overall smoothness and it’s nowhere near the Teclast X89HD for running hot.

But iambillbil is getting us ready for some disappointment in his future posts. The EMMC storage used in the iFive Mini 4 is DDR2, not DDR3, and the throughput is on the low side.

I asked about this:

Slow EMMC = more time to load large files? Game? Video? [Translated text via Google]

He replied [Google Translate]:

Longer start, fewer process starts slower effect. More waiting game screen

Longer startup time, fewer simultaneous processes, and longer time to load games.

And yet I wonder how much of an issue that will be with the power of the Rockchip 3288?

It seems that Five tried hard to strike a balance between power and battery life — and they decided not to use the full potential of the 3288 by using slower DDR2 storage in order to increase battery life. On the other hand, it looks like they didn’t dim the screen greatly.

If iambillbil does his usually testing, the next post will be a hardware evaluation, followed by a performance evaluation.

Two final notes:

1) The engineering sample has 16GBs of internal memory. Five will be selling a model with 32GBs of internal memory.

2) iambillbil notes that when he handled a Pipo P4, the engineering sample used different and much faster EMMC than the production version that went on sale to the general public. Perhaps the EMMC in the production version of the iFive Mini 4 might differ from the engineering sample? As usual, we can’t make any final judgments until paying buyers have the tablet in hand.

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