Xiaomi MiPad 64GB: Long User Report


There’s a long report from a buyer of the 64GB version of the Xiaomi MiPad [Google Translate].

The Google Machine introduces a lot of convolution but it’s still worth a read for completists and those wondering about buying a MiPad.

I’ll cover some points of interest after the break.

1) His machine was made in July(!).

2) He mentions something I’d never read before: The original finish on the microUSB port was sharp and users reported getting cut by it. Apparently the finishing method was changed/improved and it’s now smooth:


3) Something about a bug with the audio system and earphones:

Methods: Wear headphones (preferably with headphones), began playing music (any player), pause music playback after a few seconds, then listen carefully, you can hear the music as well as a half-second pause current sound. This if not shocking, then, wearing headphones, turn on the system settings, just click the big consecutive term on the left side …, there are even more shocking, wearing headphones, turn the keyboard sound, start typing ……

At least a part of that seems like it’s possible to have Keyboard Sounds on while music is playing.

4) Surprisingly, the 2GBs of RAM sometimes isn’t enough:

Thought 2G memory should be enough, because 2S also 2G RAM, 1.2G remaining are more often the result is slightly disappointing ah. Boot generally got left more than 500 MB, the remaining clear about what generally prompts 800-1000MB, but just open a software, and the remaining 400-600MB, but looks back on more software, nor less. Perhaps it is because the memory is too small, even if only a few programs open, use the Task button to switch between different program, are likely to re-load, very inconvenient, of course, possible that the software has not been a perfect fit. 2s up almost never encountered the situation compared to reload the switch very smooth.

His Xiaomi Mi 2s phone has 2GBs of RAM and he’s never encountered any problems with it. The MiPad sometimes needs to reload apps due to insufficient RAM! It could be unoptimized firmware. I wouldn’t be surprised if all existing problems go away with the release of MIUI V6, scheduled for August 16th.

5) The camera software is barebones. There seems to be no way to mute shutter sound. The original firmware would not save photos to a microSD card (a later developer version does). There’s stuttering when switching — by swiping — from the camera to photos, and vice versa. Saved photos seem to have much smaller file sizes than the Mi 2s phone, which also has an 8GB camera. Several sample photos are posted and they all look very good to me without any evident compression artifacts.


6) USB On The Go works well. He even had the MiPad hooked up to a portable hard drive:


Unfortunately, this photo he posted smaller than the others. I can’t tell if that hard drive has a built-in battery or if it’s actually being powered by the MiPad.


Plugging in a USB keyboard will hide the on-screen keyboard (he marvels at that, but isn’t it a standard feature with Android now?).

7) The internal 64GBs of storage is treated as one big blob, with no partitioning:


8) I think he says that the latest Developer Version of the firmware he’s using introduced a new mode that will balance CPU use against battery. With his battery running low, he decided to run AnTuTu 4.x — and even in balanced mode, it had an impressive score:


He goes into a minor rant here about how other companies cheat at AnTuTu by detecting it and running the CPU at full-speed when normally it won’t. He also says that Xiaomi is getting a bad rap about the MiPad running hot — because Xiaomi doesn’t falsely throttle the CPU like others do. (On this point, he’s a bit wrong. Experienced users at XDA Developers see the K1 automatically throttling itself due to heat, so it’s not running full-blast all the time.)

9) He goes on a minor rant about microSD cards. First — and I’m surprised by this — photos and videos can’t be stored on a card because it’s a poor user experience(!). There will be a delay displaying a large number of photos and videos. But he says the Developer Version of the firmware he has now supports this. (Personally, companies who tell users where they can and can’t store things can go kiss my ass. I’ll put up with a delay — that’s my choice.)

10) There’s a bug with the on-screen keyboard blocking a textarea of the included browser when typing a reply to, say, a long forum post. It seems the textarea doesn’t scroll up and new text gets hidden behind the keyboard. I would expect MIUI V6 to fix that. Or maybe people can just use a different browser?

11) He goes into a full-blown rant about a Menu button. The text is too convoluted by both Google and Bing translation to make it clear. It seems one of the front capacitive buttons can be used as a Menu button. Sometimes. Maybe.

12) He reiterates the insufficient RAM problem, adding that the state of the app isn’t saved and must be reloaded from scratch. Perhaps MIUI V6 will fix this.

Still, with the problems he highlighted, he still says the MiPad is worth buying. Keep in mind, however, he’s posting this on a Xiaomi forum — one where members can earn credits for posts. There are eleven pages of replies from others — none of which I’ll read because I expect them to be mainly fanboi noise.

I’d be very surprised if the RAM issue wasn’t fixed with MIUI V6. It’s going to introduce split-screening — and there’s no way that can be done successfully with a good user experience if one of the two apps displayed drops dead and has to be reloaded due to insufficient RAM!

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2 responses to “Xiaomi MiPad 64GB: Long User Report

  1. John T

    Why is this the only Chinese company adopting the Tegra K1? Am I the only one that wants an Android w/ the fastest cpu (for gaming & x265 videos) w/ GPS capability? I would think such a tablet would be a hit…

    • There’s a new Chromebook using the K1 from Acer. And Nvidia’s new Shield tablet due out soon has it. It’s likely the K1 is not price-competitive in China but Xiaomi went with it because of its power — hence the higher price than competing Chinese tablets.

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