iFive Mini 4: Some Big Games Stutter

Over at the IMP3Net forum, user 2222 — who revealed Rockchip cheating at AnTuTu — has tested several large games on the iFive Mini 4 and the RAM throughput defeats them [Google Translate].

I’ve copied full-size images since the test data would be too small to see reduced; click to enlarge. There are more images at the original post.


Real Racing 3 loads quickly, very smooth after entering the game. 3288 belongs to accelerate quickly CPU, after entering the game frequency stable at around 1.2G, heat stable at 40 degrees

That’s 40 degrees Celsius. Or a whopping 104 degrees Fahrenheit!

Asphalt 8 runs at just 24 fps:


After entering the game instead of the normal display, the next highest number of frames is not very satisfactory effects, although able to play, but do not feel smooth. Because with the estimated bandwidth bottlenecks caused LPDDR2

And going with LPDDR2 is a weak point.


Modern Warfare 5, too, about the average 20 nor smooth


Need for Speed ​​17 effects range, with an average of about 33, and smooth

And now I think we can believe the WiFi is actually improved over past Mini models. This is the third report to say so:

But this time the wifi strength and stability has been greatly improved over mini3, broken during the test did not encounter problems such basic

A screen brightness test is done and again the Mini 4’s screen is praised. And here’s a comparison against the MiPad (left), which shows warmer colors:


I’m not sure that comparison can be used at all. Both Xiaomi and Five are using two suppliers for their screens and this could be two different screen makers being compared. If the same screen maker was being compared, they’d be exactly the same.

Up until I read this, I thought the iFive Mini 4 was a competitor to the Xiaomi MiPad. But it’s not. The MiPad absolutely crushes it.

Personally, I need to know how the LPDDR2 would affect Google Books PDF reading.

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9 responses to “iFive Mini 4: Some Big Games Stutter

  1. Miguel

    Mike, is there any fps evaluation of the v989 playing games?


  2. Ben

    That’s sad, I had similar feelings to you after reading iambillbill’s plus points for this tab. Unfortunately there seems to be a large number of “hidden” factors when it comes to buying tablets which tends to make comparisons difficult. Many of these points I’d never really considered before a couple of months ago.

    I’d been keeping an eye on these newer SoC’s (RK3288, A80T) but more and more it feels like the wisest choice would be a name brand tab where you are guaranteed fast and reliable eMMC storage for read/write and quality RAM/SoC. This delicate balancing act seems difficult at the price level of China tabs although occassionaly there seems to be a fluke (I remember user reports of the Ramos i9 at the time had it hitting all the right points)

    It truly is frustrating, I’ve been looking for a replacement for this LG G Pad 8.3 since the performance isn’t quite there, stuttering and unresponsiveness are above acceptable thresholds. Unfortunately the Xiaomi MiPad seems to be the only recent tablet that seems to be a real contender.

    • Keep in mind I write about only tablets that personally interest me. You won’t find 16:9 8 and 9-inch tablets mentioned here because I have no interest in owning one of those.

      • Ben

        Oh I am aware, reading your blog has introduced me to many other useful sites. Unfortunately alot of these issues seem to be universal among the china tabs. I’m actually in the market for a 4:3 tablet myself and is another reason for the switch from LG, I’m fine with waiting a little bit longer though :)

  3. I would go only for Onda v975i or teclast x98 air or teclast 89hd. I see to many quirks with a80 and rk3288 systems

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