Pipo P8 Tablet Teased

In a Weibo communique, Pipo finally acknowledged they’ll be releasing an iPad Mini clone based on the Rockchip 3288 CPU, called the P8:



#品铂平板电脑# RK3288 7.9寸视网膜屏 PiPO P8即将上市,官方报价:16G/999元,32G/1099元!!品铂P8配备RK3288四核处理器,采用与ipad mini2同厂生产(均为sharp/LG生产)的7.85寸视网膜屏,分辨率高达2048×1536,显示精度327 ppi,详情猛戳http://t.cn/RP6xuqz @耗子胖成猪 @云飞寻缘

Google Translate:

# Product of platinum-inch Tablet PC # RK3288 7.9 retina screen PiPO P8 upcoming official quote: 16G/999 yuan, 32G/1099 yuan! ! Platinum P8 product with RK3288 quad-core processor, using the ipad mini2 same plant (both sharp / LG production) of 7.85-inch retina screen, resolution up to 2048 × 1536, display precision 327 ppi, details Mengchuo http:// t.cn/RP6xuqz @ @ Yunfei rat fat as a pig hunt edge


1) Like the iFive Mini 4, it will have two versions: 16GBs internal storage for 999 yuan, 32GBs for 1099 yuan.

2) Unlike the iFive Mini 4, it will offer 3G (and perhaps 4G; compatibility for either not guaranteed outside of China) via a Huawei UltraStick slot.

3) Unless this is using faster EMMC than the iFive Mini 4, it’ll be just as disappointing for people who expected the full power of the CPU and GPU to be exploited.

4) This is so far the only alternative to the iFive Mini 4 in terms of 3288-based tablets (no others have been leaked).

5) No release date yet mentioned.

More information at the Pipo forum [Google Translate].

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  1. I’ve been waiting for this to come. Really really can’t wait.

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