Teclast X89HD Windows Edition Gets First Review

It’s over at IMP3Net and it confirms everything we’ve already heard informally [Google Translate].


First, the good news (click all images for very large).

Windows 8.1 being compressed leaves about 20GBs free of the 32GBs of internal storage:


Windows 8.1 detail screen:


Cross-platform Master Lu benchmark; score is as expected and as previously seen in general for eight-inch Windows 8.1 tablets:



Seeing IMP3Net on it is a trip:


Now the bad news.

The camera is sub-optimal; click to enlarge and the greens are muddied:


That’s the only sample photo they published.

While performance is generally very good, the battery life is bad and the heat generated is even worse! Quoting:

Life, after a full charge from half past nine started, the operation conducted during the download, installation, software, gaming and other tests, the screen brightness is not fixed, in constant adjustment, automatic shutdown at quarter past one p.m., lasted less than four hours, the 6000mAh capacity X89HD is quite satisfactory.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

He calls that “satisfactory”? We’d been expecting at least six hours, an improvement over the miserable four hours of the Android Edition.


Fever, the machine during the download, send large heat when running the game, back in the middle maximum external temperature reached 50 degrees, the other parts of the back are more than 42 degrees.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

That’s Celsius. In Fahrenheit, that’s 122 degrees and 107.6 degrees!

But wait, it gets even worse in the conclusion:

When the processor has been in the high frequencies, the temperature rise would be more obvious, obviously felt hot, it is recommended not to open multiple long-running software or large game, the first may be due to the high temperatures caused by software not responding, The second time the temperature is too high will damage the machine.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

So don’t use it for hours because the software will stop responding and the machine could be damaged due to heat!

After being warned of that, I don’t know who in their right mind would buy this machine.

We’ve already seen problems with lithium batteries catching fire and even exploding. This tablet is like inviting a bomb into your home. I don’t want to be near any lithium battery when its temperature has hit 122 degrees. Do any of you?

In addition, what’s that temperature doing to the inside of the machine? Is the PCB board getting soft? Are solders expanding? What about the screen? Thermal expansion can’t be good for it.

This is an ambitious tablet that is well ahead of its time in terms of physics. It requires battery technology that simply doesn’t exist today — sustainable power for more than four hours without becoming a furnace.

As compelling as the idea of this tablet is, the physical danger it presents should cause sensible people to avoid it.

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19 responses to “Teclast X89HD Windows Edition Gets First Review

  1. Peter B.

    Mike please, find a v989 review


  2. Mario

    Its so bad :(

    Hopefully there are other companies with 8″ Windows tablets and 4:3 ratio

  3. alex

    Hi Mike,
    Please notice that the picture sample is tampered with photoshop (alien skin blowup etc.)….

  4. highwind

    obviously written by someone without any clue on thermals in electronic devices…

    CPUs can get up to 80° C without taking any form of damage (some high end GPUs can take as much as 100°)…
    besides (Intel) CPUs dont get instabel nor do they crash programms when they get too hot, they simply get undervolted and underclocked at a certain threshold. its called “thermal throtteling” and atleast Intel is using this kind of technoglogy for nearly a century now.

    batteries mostly lose out efficiency when getting warm but they surely dont “explode” at the temperatures given in the review … it takes well over 100° C to make them explode and/or catch fire, which is pretty much impossible to reach in a tablet (or notebook).

    • Did you click through to the review? The review itself says software will stop working and the tablet can be damaged from heat. That part wasn’t my opinion, it was what they stated — and since they HAVE the damn tablet, they should know.

  5. Robert

    I wonder if you could limit de frequency and turn off turbo in the bios

  6. Endriu

    Only Ramos i10pro is only 1 tablet in the world which support dual boot??

  7. Robert

    Found another review from a Japanese dude’s blog. I can read jap so:
    He also has guides to install either android or windows.
    From the android version he said it gets hot but not overly!
    Other jap dudes have bought it and no complaints.

    Camera being bad is confirmed though.

    My guess is low power options will be plenty to keep it low.
    I’ve decided to keep mine, and ill write a review about it once i get it.

    I’ll try to see how much battery I can squeez out of it.
    But my final judgement will be based on if I can keep using it during my 1.5 hour commute in the morning and again in the afternoon, based on over all battery, performance and heat.

    For mike:
    My guess google books are a software/platform version. High cpu speeds do help, but it shouldn’t require over 1.3 ghz for the perf you want(ipad lvl).
    I’ll check regardless of my assumption.

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